Wednesday, September 24, 2014

111 days.

That is how much older than Aaron I am.  But last Friday, September 19th we became the same age again.  It was Aaron's birthday.  And I don't care what anyone says-yes it does work that way.  While I made Derby pie's (Aaron's only request for his birthday and a pie that everyone told me never comes out unless you are Jane pressure), Jake wrapped Aaron's presents.
Sadie supervised.
Yes.  I know I need to clean the oven...don't judge.  Here they are baking nicely (the recipe makes 3 pies...obviously)...
Then we waited for Aaron to get home...while the pies baked.
 Taking pictures helps pass the time while you are worried if the pies are going to come out or not.
 They came out perfect.  Okay not perfect-but as close as you could possibly get.  I need to cook them a couple more minutes next time.  The recipe is pretty easy but I was worried because of the forewarning...I don't bake pies because I am not really a pie person.  I guess I can bake pies. :)
And Aaron was happy with his gifts.  He played along with my picture taking and over reacted to every gift he opened.  That is how he rolls.  There is very rarely a picture of Aaron in which he is just being normal.  Look at these next pictures and you will see what I mean.
Out of focus-sorry...We got him stuff to make Chex mix because it is his favorite snack and he loves to make it rather than buy it.  It is even better home made.
Okay these two may be the most normal he has acted in pictures....
Okay-there it is (fuzzy again)! 
"WOLVERINE!!!! YESSSSS!"  I should have recorded it because it is really more than the face.  He was being a big dork.  He really liked the presents. :)
"CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE WINTER SOLDIER!!!!"  We watched that one, had some pizza (Yannis-the place we thought was "our new" pizza place may have been a fluke...we have had it twice since then and it hasn't been as good...) and ate Derby pie. 
Happy 38th (we are now the same age again) Aaron!  You are awesome.