Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let the preparations begin...

One day until my Jake turns 13! I don't know how this happened...but I am excited to celebrate! Unfortunately Jake is sick. :(  But we will still have fun!  I picked up his favorite cookie cake from Sam's club that used to be a circle but sometime in the past year they switched to rectangular.  Who knew!
While I was there I saw this:
Seriously?...But then I saw Santa so I felt bad for being a Grinch...but I still don't understand it.  This year, more than ever, our focus is going to be on the true meaning of Christmas. 
Here are the last of the pictures I posted daily on Facebook leading up to Jake's birthday...and I am now taking a break from FB.  It is a time waster and quit frankly I rarely leave it feeling uplifted.  I have been unfriending people recently that continually post things that I don't want to see.  I am sick of the ALS ice bucket challenge-yes I know it is a good cause but every other post is getting old.  I am also sick of seeing people post about how the police are racist and use their powers for evil. Ridiculous.  The media is creating this perception and I am sick of it-so I am turning it off for a while and so far I have not missed it at all (well I have missed conversations with my cousin but I will email her)!  But any way back to my favorite face!

Tomorrow is the big day!