Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Words...Not so much...

I remember a time when I used to come here to my blog to write a few words and not even with pictures-just words.  Now is not that time.  I am seriously behind on the whole memory/picture thing so I am just photo dropping...Soon there will be words.  Now there will be pictures with just a few words.

I have been posting pictures of Jake every day in August so far on Facebook and Instagram in honor of him getting ready to be a teenager.  Really is it is just an excuse for me to look at all my favorite pictures of him and wonder where all the time has gone.

August 1st (note to future self:  these are all the versions of the pictures I posted on Instagram so I changed the tones and stuff on all but the 5th and the 6th)
August 2nd
August 3rd
August 4th
August 5th
August 6th
I got new pillows at Ikea.  I think (actually I know because I went back and looked at my my old posts to check and make sure I haven't already posted this.  I kind of blog in my mind while vacuuming and cleaning the house and forget if I have actually posted things or not...) there may be a picture of one in another post but not the whole view of the room. I love them.

Sadie loves to photo bomb my pictures but when I try to take her pictures any other time she will not hold still.

Jake loved propping up his mildly sprained ankle the end of last week while doing some school.
Aaron likes to fall asleep on them while "watching TV".
On an entirely different note:  It rained really hard the other night and when I let Belle outside (we dog sat for the Martin's last week while they were at the beach and she was not a fan of going down the stairs to the back yard so I let her out the front door) I found this.  They are still there.  We live in the county now so the city doesn't come by and pick up our yard stuff anymore if we put it by the curb...I am trying to figure out what to do with them...I keep forgetting to ask Aaron.  Maybe I will remember tonight.  If not he will read this tomorrow and tell me. :)
Sadie was a little jealous of Belle at times...
..but she was nice enough and to share her bones with Belle while she was here.
I went to a wreath party last Saturday and this is the fabric I used to make my wreath.  Well to start it.  It took a while and I still have to finish it.  I will post a picture when I finish it.  First I need to get some more mini glue gun sticks.

You know you live in the South when you literally say a prayer that when you open the attic stairs nothing scary will fall out...Like a snake.  No I have never seen a snake in the attic but our old neighbor told us he found a snake skin in his attic once and the home inspector said he had a snake fall down on him once when he opened the attic pull down stairs...So we prayed before we opened it and everything was okay.  I love this first picture.  You can see the tension in poor Jake.  That's right I made him open it.  That is a bonus of your son growing up.  He gets to do the scary stuff to protect me now. :)
And that means the Rubbermaid containers can stop going back and forth between the hall and the spare bedroom.
When I go into Jake's bathroom and see that he put his gum on the Q-tip box I get a little grumpy.  There is, after all, a garbage can in there.  Plus you will note that there is a glass canister that has Q-tips in it...also on the in theory the box could have been put away.
 And when I see that the day after he cleaned his room it is starting to look like this already I get a little more grumpy.
 But then when I ask him to empty the dishwasher, he does it with out complaining, and then fills it back up with out me asking it all evens out. :)
And last, but not least:  today is National Root Beer Float Day!
Jake's friend Wilson was hanging out with Jake.  Poor Wilson didn't know I take pictures of everything. :)
Okay. Now if I can just take the time to finish posting pictures of VT (since we have been back home for a month now...) and NH I will be caught up...I may just post the pictures and forget words all together...We shall see.