Saturday, August 23, 2014

Random Memories That Must Be Documented

I love my Shark floor mop thing.  It reminds me why I am a germaphob and went from never wearing shoes to always wearing flip flops.  That was the dirt from just one room-the kitchen.
Remember when I said I needed to do laundry?  This was the "hand towel" in our bathroom.  I kid you not.
 My car washer...
 My favorite goofy face...

Best snack ever.  One serving of microwave popcorn (there are individual bags for that) and sugar free strawberry milk.  Perfection....well if it was a huge bowl and had real sugar it may have been better but at least I didn't have to feel guilty about any of this...Oh.  I forgot to mention this is skim milk. :)
Yes gas is now under $3 a gallon in SC. 
When we had to fly out home quickly because Aaron lost his pinky, we had to pack only what we could take carry on.  When Aunt Sheila's truck got to SC last Monday I was excited to be reunited with my clothes.  My favorite Navy blue shirt is right on top and I have been wearing my 2 favorite pairs of comfy pants all week.
As of last Sunday our whole house was clean and picked up.  I won't go as far as to say it was organized...I am working on that...but our spare bedroom is going through a make over right now.  What once looked like this:

Will soon look like an office/homeschooling room.  Aaron is the one who wanted a spare bedroom.  We don't have a whole lot of over night guests but since he doesn't ask for much I gave in.  Now that he is, on occasion doing paperwork at home rather than driving to the office he is game for having a better space to do that in.  So now our house that was all tidy now looks like this:

The living room...yes that is the front door.
The hall way.

It is a work in progress and the house is a wreck...but it will be worth it!  The old spare bedroom will soon be revealed and look amazing!!!!  I can't wait!

 Also  random but very important:  I feel very domestic when while cooking taco meet for dinner I cook enough to freeze for two more meal and I also make enough Spaghetti sauce for 3 meals (one to eat and two to freeze).  That is called multitasking and most moms rock at it.  This mom does.
 One last random thought for the day: you know you really love your table cloth when you use place mats over it, when it is just your family, because you don't want to stain it.