Saturday, August 23, 2014

You may be spoiled/lucky/blessed if...

1.)  You find the perfect table cloth that ties together all the random colors in your dining room and it was at Walmart.  Walmart = cheap. 
2.)  If you have been wanting a laminator (and you homeschool...why do I not have one already?) and an awesome one, that is usually $81, goes on sale (it may have even been a one day sale-that is how lucky I am) for $17.99 and you order it and get it within 48 hours because you have Amazon Prime.
3.)  If your Aunt moves to SC and asks you if you want an adorable cabinet that is perfect for your Vintage Kitchen in your adorable Vintage Home (not sure why I feel the need to capitalize that but it is my blog so I will) and will make the perfect base for your future island.
4.)  If your sister sends you a box of IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) DVD's, teacher manuals that go along with the educational DVD's and....
...books that you can use to educate your child.  One of the books that isn't showing is also a grammar book!  All of which would have cost you $200+ but were free because she loves you and doesn't need them and you do.
5.)  Your husband is in the Bishopric and is present when the Bishop says he is going to throw away this old huge dry erase board that is no longer needed at church any more and your husband says not to throw it way because his family can use it and the Bishop says okay...! And yes that is a run on sentence who's only punctuation is a period at the end...again: my blog and I don't care if you are judging me....but stop if you are.
So, the question is am I spoiled, lucky, or blessed?  The correct answer is all of the above.