Thursday, August 14, 2014

My thoughts on laundry..

*You know you are doing it right when you are hanging up a clean shirt you wore yesterday and got dirty.  That is record time laundry turn around!

*But you still really aren't on top of it just because you washed that shirt if you did the loads in the wrong order...For instance what I am living this very moments:

When you go to take a shower and there are absolutely no clean towels (not even a hand towel-we are using a washcloth as a hand towel right now...) in the house...and then you realize you have no clean underwear any way so you have to wash the clothes and towels before washing yourself.

*I am in awe of mother's of big families.  And by big, on this particular topic, I mean more than I have--so 2 kids or more is big.  Because I have way too much laundry to do and if you have 2 kids you just doubled the dirty kids clothes pile and that is a lot of extra work.  I would gladly do it if I had more kids but I don't have too.  So, mom's of big families you are my hero....And come to think of it I don't even do my child's laundry any more real slacker.

*Vinegar.  I put it in every load.  I heard it takes that musty smell out of old towels-which is all we have by the way because towels are expensive.  I don't want those cheap ones that just push the water around on you.  I want the towels that dry you and those my friend are not cheap!..Any who!  So I tried the whole vinegar in with towels and it worked amazingly well....So I was doing the laundry another time and there was a  stinky, really old, basketball man sweaty shirt that stunk like years old body odor after I washed it.  GROSS!  So I put it in the wash again after using half a bottle Febreze on it and it still stunk.  And then I thought trash can or vinegar?  One last try.  Vinegar in the load and it came out destinkified.  I wish I knew that before I threw that other stinky one out the week before...

*I am mad at Sam's Club because they stopped carrying my favorite laundry detergent: Arm and Hammer plus Oxy Clean. Curse you Sam's Club...

*There is nothing better than fresh clean sheets or any laundry that you dried on the line outside.

*When I am feeling really domestic and I get the clothes out of the dryer right away and I fold them on my beautifully made bed and then put them right away I feel awesome.  If I wait until they are all wrinkly and have to turn the dryer on for another 10 minutes to try to fluff them up and fold them while watching a show right before going to bed they will most likely stay in the living room in the basket for at least 24 hours before I grudgingly put them away because the whole process feels like an epic fail so, why complete it?...Try to live with my brain for a day and it may drive you crazy!