Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Love/Dislike Relationships

I know it is love/hate, but hate is so harsh.  I remember growing up and Tina (my sis) and I would get in fights and say we hated each other.  Mom (my mom. . .I couldn't help myself) would tell us that when you say you hate someone that you wish they were dead.  I didn't wish Tina was dead, so I am sure I never said it again.  I have for some reason been thinking about things I love on some occasions and hate dislike on others.  Since these things tend to stay in my head until I release them I have to take a minute to do just that. . .

1.) Lego's:

 Love:  They are fun to play with.  You have to be creative and use your imagination.  You have to think outside the box with your creations.  You are learning while you play!

Dislike: a.) Ever stepped on one?  You will swear it is stuck to the bottom of your foot and that a puddle of blood is on the ground.  b.)They are every where.  In every room in the house.  In fact Nee gives us little baggies with the ones that get left at her house.  EVERY WHERE!  c.) We bought them all in sets that got built, so why do we have 5 containers of pieces?  Why can't we keep together what we built?  Why do you love the set so much you have to have it, then 15 days after purchasing the set it is taken apart---never to be put back together again.  d.) Why can't my version of playing with them be sorting them by color? . .It's fun for me!

2.) Apologia:

Love:  They have great science books for homeschooling.  They are fact filled and interestingly written by Dr. Jay Wile.  Dr. Wile is the main reason I love them.  He is a true Christian.  In the General Science book we are studying this year, he teaches us the fact that Christians hundreds of years ago helped preserve science that would have otherwise been lost to us.  The Student Journal,  that goes hand and hand with the textbook, is great.  I wish I ordered myself one when I order Jake's that is how cool it is.

Dislike:  Apologia doesn't believe Mormons are Christian.  In fact they have course that teaches it.   Here is a blog post that talks about it.  One of the parts that bothers me is that in it says:  "We understand well that the members of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” are taught by their leadership that they are Christians."  So, we are all just listening to our leaders and believing what they say blindly?  We aren't a religion of walking blindly.  We are a religion of studying and searching for ourselves to know with out a shadow of a doubt that what we believe is true.  Jesus Christ is my Savior.  He isn't a different Jesus than other Christians follow.  The references the author of this blog post are ridiculous.  I didn't read all the comments, but in the few I read there were several non-Mormons supporting us. Apologia comes off as very judgmental to me.  All Christians are taught not to judge. . . Or is that a Mormon thing?  We as Christians need to stand together, not judge one another.  I will not buy another book from Apologia.  I know that if I knew all the things that companies stand for I probably wouldn't shop at many of them.  But should I continue to shop from a publisher that clearly comes out judging and spreading false information about the things I believe?  I feel comfortable with the General Science book we are studying because of the author: Dr. Wile.  I will still buy his books--just not from Apologia! . .used books, that don't profit the company further work for me!  Dr. Wile has published a new science book for elementary school and he is no longer publishing with Apologia because of the comments about Mormons.  This post discusses Dr. Wile and his new book.  With out having seen the book I would say BUY IT!  He does a great job on the science books he published with Apologia, so I have no doubt this one will be great. 

3.)  Carbs

Love:  Pasta and bread.  Need I say more?

Dislike: They make you fat.

4.)  Dr. Pepper 

Love:  Everything about it.  It's Dr. Pepper!
Dislike:  Being addicted to it.  Caffeine is bad.  I am done with you Dr. Pepper...

4.)  Pinterest

Love:  Every single thing I pin!!!  My dream home ideas.  Dream wardrobe!  Gifts ideas!  ETC!!!!

Dislike:  That I want every single thing I pin right now.  I am a materialistic pinner. . .