Thursday, September 12, 2013

I did it...

While posting a picture of our school room chalk board a couple of hours ago, I typed out a thought of starting a homeschooling blog as documentation.  All it takes is a thought for me and I just can't help myself.  So I did it. Go and check it out:

             Common Place Blog

If you can tell me why I named it that before you go and look at the blog than I will think you are quite amazing! 

If you want to mentor Jake through this blog that would be awesome-pose questions if you have read a book we are reading or suggest a book.  Or if you want to read along with us and give us good questions to discuss that would also be awesome.  :)  It takes a village as they say-but we are a little pickier with our village.  If you read this blog you are already part of our village. :)