Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What 12 Looks Like...Unofficially.

We were headed to the library for a "field trip" today until we saw this:

 There must be a librarian convention or something-there were barricades and everything. . .So, we decided to take a little walk around downtown.  I had my camera (I rarely leave home with out it in my purse), so I decided to do an unofficial b-day photo shoot.  I take pictures of Jake every year after his b-day (we let it cool down a little so the pictures aren't of a sweaty kiddo), every year and do a post about it.  This is the unofficial b-day picture post because Jake wasn't dressed for the occasion. Jake was thrilled to be taking pictures!  Can't you tell from the first picture:

The fake grin says it all. . .
 But then he remembered that I could do this all day and he gave in. . .
 We tried the "sun is in your eyes so keep them shut until I count to 3, then open them" shots but it didn't work. :)
 Who is this young man and what did you do with my child?!?!?!?

 Nice one.

 Random tiny painting someone did on a wall.

 I just had to take a picture of this for some reason.  It spoke to me. . .

 This IS Jake.  This is the picture that really captures him.  LOVE IT!!!
 Random "horse bike" art piece in the park. . .

 We plucked a piece of hair from Jake's head that I would have sworn was gray.  It turned out to just be light blond.  I had him worried he was already going gray at the ripe old age of 12.
 We have so many cool painted walls in our down town. 

 Last picture!  Of Jake at least.
 How beautiful is this?
 Jake's pictures:

Dead mouse that we saw in. . .
 . . .this fountain.
Only a 12 year old boy would want to take a picture of a dead mouse. :)