Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pictures that need posting...

I need to do a photo drop and now is as good a time as any.  We were just doing math and Jake got an attitude.  So, I decided I was done explaining it to him and he was going to have to figure it out himself. (I was really just about done any way but I didn't tell him that when I dramatically gave him the book and told him to figure it out himself if he was going to be rude.)  Perfect! Now I have some unexpected free time to blog.  That is looking on the bright side people. It was either walk away or beat my child.  Since I don't beat my child there really wasn't an option. . .

My mantel.  I love it.  I still need a couple of little succulent plants and a candle and it will be done.  I love it.  In October I am going to put little pumpkins/gourds in the candle holders.  Some time in the near future I am going to paint the walls-they are in desperate need of it.

 This was a free printable I found on Pinterest.  I love it.  I had all the stuff already so I only had to spend less than a dollar to print the picture of Jake and the chalkboard scripture.  I painted the mirror that I found on the side of the road months ago (a lady was moving and it wouldn't fit in her car) and the cork board is a cabinet door I got (and then painted and distressed) from Ikea for 99 cents over a year ago when they had a whole bunch of them in their "as is clearance room".
 The twigs are from the the huge pile of tree branches (that the city finally picked up from our curb last week-yipee!) in a vase I have had forever.  Have I mentioned I love my mantel?  Probably because it is one of the few things I have actually decorated in this house.  I need to get on it!
 Totally unrelated subject. . .We had to cancel Jake's b-day part because he was sick but his best bud Corey, from the 3rd grade and another state ago, was able to come and spend the night.  He gave Jake Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Jake was thrilled!

 And because I felt guilty for forgetting to the get the cookie cake on his b-day, we had it when Corey was here.
 Random picture of eggs I hard boiled and looked so pretty cooling off I had to take a picture.  Drawing this, with all its shadows, would be a great homeschooling art project. . . if we actually ever got around to doing art.  I will add that to the list. . .
 This is what our school room walls looked like before I started to transform them. The pink stripes were not working for a boys school room.
 In the old home we are in the walls are plaster and they weren't primed before the striped wall paper went up.  I glued down a couple of corners that were starting to curl, primed them and. . .
 Painted them with paint I already had.  The black on the left is chalkboard paint and the blue that was supposed to be gray is the paint I started painting in the kitchen (Aaron and Jake picked it out and I am not sure if Lowe's mixed it wrong but it is more blue than gray) and didn't like so never finished.
 Jake tested it out.
 I have been writing down what we have to do for the day in the corner.  In South Carolina we have to keep track of what we do-like a lesson plan.  I write it on the board and then write it in my planner. . . I am seriously thinking of just taking a picture of it everyday and calling it good.  I think that would work because the law says you can write it in a journal. . . Maybe I will just start a homeschooling blog for the purpose of documenting. . .
 We love our chalkboard wall.
 Math, not so much, but chalkboard walls yes. :)  I will post pictures of the school room when I finish painting and get the posters up.  It isn't Pinterest worthy or anything but we love it!
 While I was blogging this Jake came and apologized and gave me a hug.  I don't feel the need to beat him any more.  But he is still on his own with the math.  :)