Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jumping with Jaxon

We got to babysit Jaxon while Erin was at the dentist and we had a blast with him.  Jake took him on the trampoline and they had a great time together. 

 Sadie had to keep checking to make sure they were okay.  She would bark until Jake would have to yell at her to be quiet (that is what he is doing in the this pic) and say they were okay.  Jaxon thought it was hysterical!  I guess she finally figured out that his giggling was not crying and she stopped.  We have officially decided she must be a Lab/Collie mix (which Aaron has said all along) because she is such a herding dog!
 Jaxon met our next door neighbors dog, Maggie, and Sadie. . .
 . . had to come over and get in between Jaxon and the fence to make sure he was okay (I caught this picture right before Sadie licked his face and stood in front of him as if she was protecting him from Maggie).  As Jaxon was running around the yard, I would follow him and say things like, "don't go behind the shed" or "lets stay over here" and Sadie would come out of no where and herd him back in by standing in front of him and not letting him go.   
 Jaxon couldn't stop giggling when he would lay on his back in the middle of the trampoline and Jake was jump softly next to him.  The little bounces were enough to make him giggle nonstop!
It is so fun having a cousin, who loves Jake to pieces, live right around the corner. :)