Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering Our Countries Two September 11th's In Very Different Ways...

Twelve years ago today I was holding my two week old baby in my arms and wondering what his life would be like because of the terrible terrorist attacks that were happening before our eyes.  I wondered if this would be the new norm.  It was Jake's first fussy day-I am sure because he sensed my sadness.  It was a day of tears and prayers.  We were lucky then to have a President that stood up and restored the calm and hope as we watched him with the firefighters and police officers in NYC.  President Bush sent a message to the world that terrorist would be dealt with and they were.

Every year since 9/11/01 I have tried to watch some of the original broadcast as they replayed it.  We didn't have Fox News back then so I was watching it unfold on NBC.  Today Jake and I watched the original broadcast on MSNBC.  I wanted Jake, now that he is old enough to start to really understand, to see and feel the events of our first 9/11.  We discussed it as we watched and talked about the fact that we are so lucky to live in a country that was able to get past the tragedy that was 9/11 and continue forward.  We talked about the fact that our country came together and was not torn apart that day.  We have been free of attacks on our soil up until earlier this year in Boston.  Our government worked hard to keep us safe and prevent it from happening again.

We are going to spend some time discussing 9/11/12.  Unfortunately,  President Obama has done nothing to secure our confidence that something like that won't happen again.  The only thing he has really done is tried to sweep it under the rug for a year.  He has done nothing to punish the people who killed four Americans that were serving their country.  In fact his administration wasn't doing what it needed to do protect those people in the first place-quit the opposite.

We are now on the verge of war.  Obama hasn't even taken care of his own and he is about to bring us into a war in which we have no real allies.  Israel is asking us to stand down.  It is horrible what the Syrian people are going through but we are in no position to fix the problem for them since it has gone on this long and gotten worse. 

This 9/11 I am thankful to live in the United States of America.  History will remember the way our countries 9/11's were handled and the leaders that handled them.  I continually pray that our leaders will do things to strengthen our great country.  The people who died and the families of both of our 9/11's are in my thoughts and prayers.  I am praying for the people in Syria.  We are all God's children no matter where were born.  I pray that we don't have any reason to mark another day on our calendars, to remember a time when Americans are senselessly killed.  I pray that we will never forget our 9/11's and how lucky we are to live in the greatest country in the world.