Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Twelve years ago we were...

(****WARNING:  This post may bore you.  It is for me and my posterity.  It is long and goes into details of Jake's 12th birthday that you probably don't care about-but I do.  Don't say I didn't warn you.****)

. . .at the hospital waiting for our miracle to join our family.  Actually he would have just been born! Twelve years ago!  I can't believe my little baby is 12.  I had big plans to have baby pictures and everything for this post, but long story short, I didn't have a digital camera when Jake was born.  Not as easy to do as it is now.  Need I say more?

We had big plans to have a trampoline ready in the backyard so, when Jake let Sadie out this morning, he would see it and be thrilled and run out and jump for joy-literally. . .Papa Harmon brought the base over after Jake was in bed last night and we got started on the plane. . .But after an hour of trying to get the new mat to fit the old frame, we realized that trampoline mats are not universal.  You learn something new everyday!  Aaron did some research on line and found out we can still get a replacement mat, it is just $40 more than we thought and it won't be here for Jake's birthday party on Friday. :(  Jake was thrilled any way.  He is getting a trampoline and he didn't know it was part of the party plans anyway, so no problem.

Sadie was ready to give Jake a birthday hug this morning. She really does lean in for hugs.  It is adorable.  My poor 12 year old got up this morning not feeling so good.  He has had what we thought was allergies the past two days, but it looks more like a head cold.  His ears feel plugged, he has post nasal drip, and he hasn't slept well.  The good news is he is 12 now so he took some night time cold medicine tonight, that I am hoping will at least let him sleep.  My poor little bug.

We had to open his gifts before Aaron went to work, because even though Jake is 12 he still can't wait all day long to open presents.  Who can? :)  Aaron leaves for work at 6:30 in the morning.  That is early.  That is love people because I am not a morning person.  Getting up at 6:00 in the morning to open gifts is all about love.
Of course at the top of Jake's list:  Lego's.  And he got Legos.  Legos Chima to exact.  He was moving a little too fast to get a good shot and the poor kid was sick so I didn't make him re-enact it.  Yep.  I do that sometimes. Don't you?

We built and played and watched Lego Batman (another gift we got him), and met Nee, Papa G., and Nana for lunch at Taco Dog.  I forgot to take picture of all these things-besides the building.  While Jake was building his new set he went through almost a whole box of tissues. :(

Aaron came home early from work so we could have dinner with the grandparents.  We had Jake's favorite: creamy crock pot chicken and homemade rolls.  He didn't even have to eat vegetables: we had mandarin oranges instead-another Jake favorite.  But before that Jake opened a couple of gifts from Nee and Papa.  A new tie and a pocket watch (another thing Jake has been wanting-he is so adorable). 
Don't you love the curtain.  It is blocking the last frontier that needs to be organized.  The "studio".  That is the name Jake and I gave it.  It is the painting, exercise, hang out, whatever room.  Tacky I know but it will be down in 24 hours.  It will be like a reveal taking it down. :)
Here is my little family.  It is a horrible picture of me.  Sometime soon I am going to make my guys take a nice family picture....
Oh wow.  I forgot about that curtain. . .My house really is cute I swear.  We are on a budget and curtain and rods are not in it right now.  The sun beats in this room and makes the AC have to run more so the curtain goes up from time to time.    More importantly-this is Jake after Aaron, Papa Harmon, Papa G, and Bishop Mather (aka "Ugly Bill".  He is not just our Bishop he is family), conferred (is that the word I am looking for?) the Priesthood to Jake. 

Papa Harmon typed up Jake's Priesthood line of authority.  Very cool gift for our Deacon.  We are so proud of Jake.  He is so awesome.  Our son is a Priesthood holder.  Twelve years old. . . When did I get so old?
Surrounded by people who love and support him.  What an amazing day. . .
Jaxson thought it was pretty cool that Jake got the Priesthood.  But he thought Sadie's water and food bowls were much more interesting.  We better not blink because in no time this little dude will be 12!
Sadie had no problem with Jaxson making dog food soup.  She was too busy licking out all the bowls for us.
Being the bad mother that I am I forgot to get Jake's cookie cake yesterday.  Don't judge me.  No problem!  I will just make cupcakes.  Except at 4:30 (an hour before family starts showing up. . .), I realize the box mix I thought was a cake mix, was really a brownie mix.  I don't make cakes from scratch-I don't like baking enough to do that.  Again, don't judge me.  So,  I call Nee and she makes a trip to the store for Jake's ice cream of choice: Heath, and we have brownie sundae's.  It is starting to sink that Jake really is 12 because this never would have happened with earlier birthdays.  Younger years:  planned and ready weeks in advanced. . . Oldish kiddos:  not so much.  Jake again was okay with it.  He will have cookie cake at his friends party on Friday. . . Assuming he feels better and can still have it.

 PRAY.  Pray, pray he gets better soon and that his slack mom won't forget to pick up the cookie cake. :)  Twelve years old. . . Wow.  The twelve best years of my life went by in a flash.