Friday, August 2, 2013

VT & NH Photo Drop #2

More pictures and a few words...

Nothing like corn on the cob on in the summer!  They look thrilled don't they?

After a day of swimming everyone just chills....

After some down time, it is smore's time.

Sam's attempt to avoid the smoke.

The Cilbrith's were joining us for the evening. Mr. Cilbrith & Dad sporting their old t-shirts.  My dad used to do airshows with his Pitts Special and we would turn them into camp outs with the Cilbrith's during the summer, back when we lived in NH. 

The perfect marshmallow.

A walk on the old railroad tracks always leads to climbing the big rocks.

One day were we headed to visit my dad's aunt (there weren't enough seats in the Jeep so I got to sit in the trunk.) and on the way the Jeep had some issues....
The shop was right around the corner from Grampa's house, so he came to hang out with us.  I wish I knew what we were talking about-Grampas face is classic!
Good enough for now...there will be one more photo drop of our vacation so stay tuned.  :)