Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to, back to school

Our new homeschooling co-op  started on Monday, so we are officially back to school again.  With 3 days under our belt, put on hold to organize and switch rooms around (still in the process, by the way...), we were ready to really start.  Co-op went great, even though I found out early in the morning that I am not the General Science assistant.  I am the co-teacher and the poor other teacher was I, not a science person, had to lead the first 2 labs.  This whole homeschooling thing is great because it turns out I do like science. :)

But wait!  I need to catch up with last week before I can really get into this week.  So, here is a quick recap:

We saw on Pinterest that you can use you ear buds, nose, and mouth as a speaker.  Jake of course had to test this idea.  It worked...kind of.  It got a little louder when he opened his mouth.  Whether it worked or not, I have this awesome photo to show his future wife in 10 years or so. :)
 We had one last summer fun day with some of our homeschooling friends at a local water park.  It was 1/2 price day for homeschoolers.  Gotta love a deal!

 Aaron sprained his ankle Wednesday night, so he got to stay home from work on our anniversary (on Friday-our 16th, on the 16th!),  because it was so swollen and bruised he need to take a couple of days with it up. He sprains it every couple of years.  This time wasn't as bad as the last time (when he actually went to the doctor and they were sure it had to be broken it was so bad...but it wasn't!), but it was still pretty bad. On our anniversary we hung out (Jake was at Nee and Papa's.  He had spent the night before there.), and got take out Mexican from our favorite.  On Saturday, Aaron and Jake decided they would have a Lord of the Rings movie marathon and pig out.  I let them bond and headed to a baby shower and when I came home I moved furniture to try to get the homeschool room, more like a homeschool room.  Aaron stood up long enough to make some cheddar, bacon fries.  He said he wished his ankle wasn't sprained so he could help me move stuff around but I am not sure he really meant it.  Just kidding.  :)  Jake even had the Middle Earth map poster (taken off the wall to switch rooms), yep they like it that much, to see where they were in the movies.  I really love my dorks.

 They put curtains up on the old hangers (the living room is the room I will be working on after the school room swap and the dining room), so it would be darker in the room.  Don't look to closely at my mantel.  That stuff is just there.  It is not decorated.  Those items just have no other home and the mantel worked for now.
 Okay back to, "back to, back to school".  Jake ready to go, adorable spiked hair and all.
 Lego Robotic Engineering...

 Science lab rocks!
 Testing density with:  Corn syrup, water, oil, rock, grape, ice, and cork.  Do it.  It is awesome.
 Testing atomic movement...or something like that.  Boiling water in one jar, cold water in another, and add a drop of water coloring to each.  Very cool.
 After a pizza party to celebrate the first day, there was a whole bunch of crazy running around going on.  Jake is the blurry gray guy in the middle about to get tagged.
 After an awesome time at co-op we headed to the library to get the 4th Leven Thumps book (Jake loves this series..I have read part of book 1.  It's good...), and Jake took a few minutes to chill in the train with the newest Lego magazine.  I bet I have a picture of him doing this back when we lived here when he was 3.  This was his little guy paradise...and my big kid still enjoys it. :)
 Tuesday was the first official day in the 3rd bedroom, turned school room.  It is a work in progress as you can see from the picture...
 It is looking better today as you can see.  Aaron has been going over math everyday this week with Jake.  He has been putting problems up on the chalk board (in the former school room, soon to be painting/exercise/hang out room),  for him to work on everyday.  Then at night they go over them and get all geeky over math. 
 I love my math geeks and that fact that we are blessed enough to not only homeschool, but to have a whole room dedicated to it.  Life is good.