Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's Tuesday and the house is a wreck...

I am in the middle of "worse before it gets better" stage as we speak.  There are a couple of areas that are more organized:

I moved this shelf from the laundry/pantry and put it in the corner of the kitchen.   Yes, I want my kitchen to be pretty, but I also need it to be functional.  This is the happy medium and you can't see it until you get in the kitchen.  I used pretty contact paper, that I already had, to make the boxes prettier.  It makes me much happier than when I had the dry sink in this spot (it is now in the school room), that was always overflowing.  If I ever finish painting this room I will post a picture of it.   Aaron and Jake picked out the color and although I like it...I don't love it-which is probably why I never have come back to finish painting it.  I am going to take pictures of each room in the house and then come back and take more pictures of them when they are done. 
 This is the dry sink that was in the kitchen and is much better in the school room.  It houses a lot of things we will use every day.  I spent some time in this room today.  I have another 1/2 a bag of trash and several piles of things going in the yard sale, but...
 ...this is the "worse before it is better".  This table was cleared off before...It will be again soon!  Sadie was checking out the changes in the room (under the table) and made it into the pictures.
In all of the chaos I have been creating in the house, in my quest for simplifying and organizing, I am also getting ready for a Relief Society (women's organization at our church) meeting on Thursday night.  I am actually the Primary (Sunday school & sharing/music time for 3-11 yr old kiddo's) president, so I am excited to be involved with the grown ups.  I am doing a class on lunch box ideas-for kids and adults.  I decided to be test the new fad "mason jar salads".  I am as big a fan as anyone in the way of mason jars, but I am skeptical that the salads stay as fresh as everyone in the blog/Pinterest world says they do.  So far, so good.
We took a break from the large mess I have made in our house and took a trip to the Army Navy Store on Saturday.  Aaron's great uncle used to own it.  It has been kept pretty much the same and he has a lot of childhood memories there.  We made a couple new memories on Saturday.

 And I even made time to make frozen hot chocolate, from a recipe I found on Pinterest and modified.  It was de-li-cious!!!  My guys enjoyed it as an appetizer after their run, while cooling down and waiting for our breakfast for dinner.

In other words I have made a little progress and have found several things to do, so I wouldn't have to keep going through stuff...Tomorrow we are buckling down BIG TIME and getting a lot of stuff done!  I will get a lot of work out of Jake since he can't watch TV for the next 2 days-the consequence of forgetting to scoop the dog poop today...which really is perfect timing..for me any way!