Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hello, my name is Carrie and I am a memory pack rat....

Is there a 12 step program for that?  I am not a hoarder.  I don't have a yucky house so packed with stuff I can't clean it.  My house doesn't smell from old pizza boxes I can't throw a way.  I just have stuff.  Most of it tied to a memory. . .or possible memories we may make.  It isn't laying around every where. . .well right now it is because I am going through it to get rid of it!!!!

We started school on Monday and on Friday I decided to put school on hold.  Seriously.  We are blessed. . .Or in other words: we are living in the chaos of way too much stuff.  I some times wonder how much money we would have in the bank if we didn't have so much stuff.  It is my fault.  I enjoy stuff.  I have a shelf with 11 packs of wide ruled paper, 15 spiral bound notebooks (that to tell you the truth I don't even like. . .but they were only 10 cents. . .), and 12 composition notebooks. I have all these paper products because I couldn't remember if we had what we needed so I would buy more. ..and because I like really good deals.  I have one of those plastic shoe boxes with 5 pairs of scissors in it...there is also a pair in the kitchen drawer. . .and in a zipper pencil case. . .and I just found another pair in one of our boxes that is still in the basement of Erin's (my sis-in-law) house!  There is also a plastic shoe box of tape.  I can never find tape when I need it.  I think I found it all now.  If you need some tape just ask me.  I have enough for a small village.  I am a sucker for school supplies and paper products.  Aaron pointed out we probably have enough of both to get Jake all the way through high school. . .He is probably right.

We are going to have a yard sale next week.  A  BIG yard sale.  I don't even care if we make much money, as long as we can just get rid of all the crap we really don't need! I am not even going to price anything.  I am going to make a poster that says "make me an offer" and call it good.  We homeschool.  We are home a lot.  It makes me insane that our 3rd bedroom is full of things like large Rubbermaid containers-one of which contains every single craft Jake made in one year of preschool . Yep.  I am a memory pat rack.

We used to be organized or at least more organized.  We are going to be organized again.  This week we aren't doing school.  We are going through EVERY thing we own and we are getting. rid. of. stuff.  Our school room is were this journey began (. . .just yesterday. . .it seems like so much longer than that), and it is total chaos right now (you know how it gets worse before it gets better? That is where we are right now. . .).  It will be perfectly organized and downsized after this week.  And so will every other room in the house.  I am sure there will be some sweat and tears but it will be so worth it.  I may or may not be blogging this week.  No!  I will be blogging this.  I will take pictures of all of our crap as we are organizing it to remind how it feels to have too much stuff, so we will never have to much stuff again!

Wish me luck.  Pray for my child, because he will be my slave labor to help me accomplish this task.  Aaron will be amazed at our accomplishments everyday when he gets home from work. . .I can't wait to be done.  I can't wait to know where everything is.  My life will be simplified in one weeks time.  I hope. :)