Friday, May 24, 2013

Hilton Head Photo Drop: Part 1

A lot of picture, with a few words...I am in catch up mode.

I had to snap a picture of Jake on the way to the beach. It has been years since we have been.  
Enjoying the balcony and checking out our neighbor Al the gator...

 First pick of Jake and his reunion with the beach...

Jake and me on the beach!  It was extremely windy and rainy but we didn't care.  Nee and Papa started to come with us but changed their mind when it started raining.  Aaron wasn't there yet.  He had to work so he got there later that evening.
Even though it was chilly the water was beautiful!
There was a pool too that Jake had to jump in and check out on the first day.  (Even though it was cold, windy, and rainy!  He comes by that naturally.  The water calls to us...)
The cute townhouse.

The next day when Aaron was there...checking out Al again.

Back on the beach..
On Saturday after spending a little time on the beach we decided to head to the famous Salty Dog Cafe.  This is a picture of Jake with a picture of Jake.  Did you follow that?  This picture of Jake is the original Salty Dog (there has been 3 other since the 1st Jake).  His masters boat sank at sea and he dragged him back to land-it took 3days and nights. They built the restaurant in Jake's honor and it was delicious!  We saw that sites on that end of the island, which included: a light house, boats (we all like the sailboat the best), a dead sting ray, a fun park, and some rain. It was a fun afternoon.

Ferns grow on the tree branches here.  Can you just feel the humidity when you look at this picture?
Spanish moss in the trees.  It is beautiful but I am sure there are snakes hiding in this very picture.  Curse you snakes of the South climbing trees!!!