Friday, May 24, 2013

Hilton Head Beach Photo Drop: Part 2

Again: a few words with a lot of pictures...
We finally had a sunny, rain free day!  And porpoises! (Is that how you spell it?)  Let's call them dolphins.
If dolphins are this close, does that mean sharks are too?...It didn't stop Jake and I from playing in the water for hours.  No pictures of that but we did it.  The townhouse we were staying in had boogie boards. :)

Papa had his bathing suit on but didn't get in.  Jake and I were the only ones that swam in the ocean.  Aaron waded.  Wimps.  Nee did swim in the pool with us and we played Marco Polo and monkey in the middle.  I love a pool...

We spent a lot of time digging holes.  Aaron doesn't love the sand (or the salty water) so he did a lot of watching.
He's so cute watching though, isn't he? :)

Low tide means warm pools!

The day we left was a little rainy again so we played at the park for a little while.

Jake may have been a little big for this little one...
That's better!
One out of 4 days of the beach was sunny.  But even on the cool, rainy, windy days we had a great time!  Thanks for inviting us to go with you Nee and Papa!