Monday, May 6, 2013

Big Plan @ The Beach Goes Down In Flames...

Still no internet on the home front so I made big plans to update and post every day of our long weekend at the beach...Welllllll, the internet connection takes a century to upload photos so I ditched that idea. (It would have worked perfectly though considering it is day 3 1/2 and the first day with sun and no rain!  It peeked out a tiny bit yesterday between rain showers.)  I decided I would post a few of things I planned on posting here so I won't forget the things that I have been wanting to post....Make sense?  It is okay if it doesn't because this post is actually for me.  I am going to come back and post about these things later-when it won't take a century to upload the pictures...when that will be I do not know-hence the memory note I am jotting here. 

#1-Jaxon is one!
#2-Jake is a MEMORY MASTER!
#3-#5ish...-Hilton Head, SC (the beach trip)

There are probably other things I wanted to blog about but I already forgot what they were.  That is why I am doing this post-so I won't forget any more!!!