Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mind Blown...

I have Fox News Channel on in the background and they just said that a woman who got to America illegally is getting food stamps, $700 a month in Social Security, and insurance for medication through our government...And they wonder why people try to come here illegally.  Why wouldn't you when our government will take care of you even if you aren't a citizen and don't work? I am all for taking care of those who need help, but a line has to be drawn some where since our government has run up such a huge debt already...Now they are talking about how in New Jersey a prison paid it's inmates $23 million over 2 years in unemployment benefits...?..Really?  It was a mistake that they are taking care of now.  You think?  How did they not know that these guys shouldn't be getting this benefits? 

My mind is blown by government waste and spending and scandals...It's craziness!!!