Friday, May 10, 2013

Brain Declutter: Seriously?!?

I am at Panera Bread while Jake is taking his end of the year testing and thought I could upload some photos and blog...Nope.  Not happening because it is taking 5 minutes to upload one picture! Seriously?!?!  I can't catch a break.  I guess I need to go to the library.  They are the only one that has the internet speed I need. 

But I can still declutter the noggin a little, so declutter I shall!

*Although I love the South, there are cons to living here.  The big one that comes to mind right at the moment would be snakes in trees.  Why do they feel the need to hang out in trees?  Seriously?!?  The reason I bring this up is because 2 days ago (I will try to make this the short and sweet version) Jake was sitting on the floor in the living room and I was sitting on the couch folding clothes and he said: "there is something in the tree.  Oh. It's a snake." He is referring to the lovely tree that hangs over the back deck...You know that deck that is attached to my house!!!!  Seriously?!?  While getting up to look out the glass door I say: "No!  I can't be a snake.  AHHHHHHHH!!!"  and from there I broke into loud sobs and grab my cell phone.  Jake was laughing.  Not sure at what because there is nothing funny about me crying like a baby at the snake in the tree.  I call Aaron at work and he calmly reminds me that he is 80 miles away.  Long story short Aaron had his cousin, my new hero, came and killed it.  It was between 3 & 4 feet long.  Everyone keeps pointing out to me that it was just a black snake and they aren't venomous.  As if that makes any difference to me.  It is a snake.  In my yard.  Correction in a tree that is dangling dangerously close to my house.  Correction it is a dead snake.  I hate snakes.  I bought moth balls and put them in the Ivy that is growing up the fence.  I was told it was a good idea because that is where the snakes would hang out in our yard.  Aaron, after I did this, told me I shouldn't have.  He said: "Now where do you think they are going to go?  Under the house and deck."  He did follow up by saying it was probably the only one in the yard because black snakes don't hang out together.  I am sure that was for my benefit and I appreciate it.  I hate snakes...did I mention that?  I am sure the only reason it was in the yard at all is because we went to the beach for the weekend and Sadie had a doggie dream weekend with her best dog friend Penny at Nana and Papa's.  If Sadie had been there she would have scared it and all other snakes away....I hate snakes.  I keep thinking I am going to look out the window and that there are going to be tons of snakes hanging in tree... 

*...And guess what else?  I forgot to empty the rest of Sadie's dog bowl that had a few uneaten pieces of food in it before leaving for the beach.  Apparently a mouse found this out when we were gone (their was old mouse poop in the house when we moved in...).  Yesterday I went to feed Sadie dinner and besides the 3 or 4 pieces left over from her breakfast, I found mouse poop.  In the bowl.  No where else.  In MY house. Seriously?!?  Guess what likes to eat mice? SNAKES.  If a mouse can find a way to get in, guess what else can find a way to get in.  Did you guess snakes because I did.  AHHHHHHHHH! 

*I decided I am going to paint my old desk a light yellow-kind of butter cream and of course distress it.  I am going to do that soon... :)  I will of course take and post (some day) pictures of it.

*Aaron and Jake are going on a father & son camp out tonight.  I am so excited for them!  I was so excited for myself...until the whole mouse/snake thing and now I am just scared.  Aaron put a mouse trap in the laundry room which is off the kitchen and his guess where the mouse came in.  What am I supposed to do if said trap catches a mouse while he is gone?  I hope everyone has clean laundry because i will not be doing any laundry for a while.

*I really am excited to have the house to myself tonight because I rented the 1st season of Downton Abbey and I am going to watch it tonight while worrying about a mouse and a dead snake coming back to life coming into my house.

*Positive of living in the South: Not having our air conditioning on yet because the weather is still Spring like-giving more proof that global warming is a sham!  Usually the air conditioning goes on about the middle of April here. 

*Our house is still not all the way unpacked...I want it to be but I don't want to do it.  I have unpacked what seems like more than enough stuff.  Why is there still more to unpack?  Really it is a matter of organizing.  I need a big bookshelf.  We have a lot of books and no place to put them...

*I got a very cool bench on the side of the road that I am going to paint and sell.  I love free furniture on the side of the road.

*I am  going to get my mom to help me sew pillows for the living room with fabric I have had for almost a year.  It is going to be so fun to have new pops of color!

*Jake looks more and more grown up every day.  It is amazing to me that he is a couple months away from being 12.  He is a big kid now...{tear}, {sigh}. 

*I am going to be 37 in 21 days...{tear}, {sigh}....

*Have you ever had that moment when you relearn something and it amazes you?  You know what I mean? You knew it but then you forgot it and upon learning it again your mind is blown.  I am reading a good book (minus a couple of bad words) called "The Wilder Life" by Wendy McClure and it is all about her adventure going to all the "Laura" places to try to capture the memories of the books.  I found it a while ago while I was in the middle of rereading the Little House books and I am just now getting around to reading it.  Any way, in the book I relearned the fact that Laura died in 1957.  My dad was 10 & my mom was 9 when Laura died... Seriously?!?..In my mind it was so much longer ago when Laura ran through the prairie with her bonnet hanging down her back instead of on her head...Can you imagine having grown up in a covered wagon and living to see the invention of the TV?  What an amazing time to have lived...I know I would have been Laura's best friend.  And Anne Shirley's too.  And now that I think about it Elizabeth Bennett and I would have been very close...

*Seriously?!? I just caught a glimpse of the time and I need to get going.  It feels so good to declutter my brain....Have you have any "Seriously?!?" moments in your life lately?