Friday, May 24, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

The Friday night of Mother's day weekend our church always has a father and son camp out.  It is a great way to start the weekend.  They guys have some bonding time and I get to have the house to myself-which doesn't happen very often, so when it does I like it (I watched Safe Haven and the whole 1st season of Downton Abbey and then slept in)!  Here is the traditional picture of the guys taking off.  Aaron works out of town now (1 hour, 15 minute drive one way) so we meet at a gas station by the highway.  It was a little strange, and I wondered if people thought we were divorced and it was the weekly trade off or something.  I hope not!  I even put my camera in a Ziploc bag for them to take with them (and be safe it it rained) and take pictures. 
And here is the pictures they took!...Oh wait this is a blurry picture of me...?  Oh, that's right they didn't take any pictures at all on the camp out!  No surprise there...Jake made me breakfast in bed all by himself at 6 am on Mother's doesn't start until 11, but I didn't care if I woke up early-it was my day!  I am glad that picture is blurry because I was dead asleep just moments before...My Mother's day gifts were daisy's (my fav) and one of those dutch oven's covered with porcelain.  I am totally blanking on what they are called right now, but I wanted one and I LOVE it!)
We spent the afternoon at the Martin's having a Mother's day picnic.

My little buddy. :)
This picture cracks me up.  The kiddos were playing hide and seek and Addie Kate couldn't think of a place to hide.  Nee told her to hide under her blanket (it was a little chilly, which is totally unusual in SC) and the kids couldn't find her.  They were trying to get us to tell them where she was in this shot!
Jake wasn't totally ready for this picture of 3 generations.
Nana wasn't totally ready for this picture of 3 generations. :)
Ranee with her girlies.
And me with my boy. I love that face...
Life is good when you are the mom of the best kiddo in the world.