Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Remorse inevitably sets in"...

Name the movie is from and you get a cookie!...Don't know?  Okay I will tell you: You've Got Mail.  Are you really surprised that I am quoting that movie yet again?

That is what I am feeling: remorse...that inevitably set in...I am not done blogging.  I am just going private.  No pressure to post anything unless I want to...or have time to...I am horrible at making decisions....I was just looking for a photo that is saved on my other computer that is still packed (yes I should have it backed up and I will.) and I ended up looking back at posts from March of this year.  It seems like ages ago...and I got scared I would miss memories if I didn't document them.  So...I am going private and it will strictly be my families blog which will include millions of pictures and me rambling about them.  I may do a journal post and say I am going to post the pictures later and later may be a month later with no words at all just the pic's that go with the before mentioned post.  That is it.  I will be writing it to myself, or Jake, or Aaron, or posterity.  Whoever it most seems to apply to.  I will not have comments because that is just more pressure... If that interests you than email and I will send you an invite...If it doesn't that is okay too.

*Friends that I have known for a long time (and obviously family...)and only keep in touch with through blogging: you will automatically be getting an invite.

*Friends I have met through blogging and feel like I have known forever: you will also automatically be getting an invite.