Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Haunted by "our" house...

I am starting to realize the reason for my not being able to sleep.  It is "our house".  We looked at it last Thanksgiving when the owners abandoned it.  It is an amazing neighborhood.  It is just the right size.  It has a fenced in back yard.  It backs up to the woods.  Fast forward 9 months and 3 offers later and it is in foreclosure.  I lost all patience with the process and then started falling madly in love with every home we looked at....We decided to rent from friends that are eventually going to sell their home but are going to rent it until they are ready.  They are kind enough to rent to us month to month because they know we are trying to buy a house.  Long story slightly shorter and we are moving into the rental the end of this month...and now our real estate agent texted me today to let me know that "our house" (formerly known as "my" house :} ) is coming out of the redemption phase on Friday and we will know if the bank is going to put it back on the market as a foreclosure "as is" or if they are going to fix it up first.  That is it just a simple text update and I cannot sleep.  I am again decorating "our house" in my head and cannot sleep.  I took luck.  So, here is the only thing I can think of doing that may lead to sleep:

*Kitchen-Simply Gray (Valspar) cabinets and light yellow walls (haven't picked that color yet).
*Living room-Simply Gray walls and we are painting the parka floors...I am thinking Bird Song Blue by Valspar
*Dining room-I think it will painted the same as the living room but it has a chair rail so I will have to think about it.  I really wanted to do 2 tones horizontal stripes in gray but I will have to see.
*guest half bath and Laundry-don't know yet but I saw the paper towel dispenser at Sam's Club that is $19.95 that I will be putting in there (I am not even joking) that will just get a coat or 2 of spray paint to make it cuter.  On the wall it will say "wash you hands" in some cute way...but I won't be joking about it. :)
*Family room-I need to ask the guys about this but I know were are going to have one wall painted either chalk board or dry erase (probably dry erase) because we will have our big desk in there set up for homeschooling.  I am going to paint the desk and mod podge the  chair for it with a world map.  I am also going to stencil some words onto the desk...maybe a quote..I don't know the color in there yet because I want the guys to help me figure it out.
*Jake's bath (it isn't in his bedroom but it will be the one he uses in the hallway upstairs).  We found a cool color called Crocodile Smile (very cool green) and we are going to get a navy blue and white striped shower curtain from target. 
*Jake's room will be up to him but I know he wants one wall black chalk board which I think is an awesome idea.  He will use the dresser I painted and distressed (one past down from Nee) and we will paint and distress a bed we found at Goodwill the same way.  He has a couple of Star Wars posters that will got great with his Star Wars bedspread (it is not one of those Kmart tacky ones it is from Target and I even like it.)  He has free reign since it is his room.
*The 3rd bedroom...not a clue.  I would love it to be a nursery...
*Our bedroom will be painted a kind of slate blue color I think.  I really want it white with our soon to be painted black bed, white bedspread, and black and white striped curtains for the windows and the 3 doorless closets in the room, with a dash of blue in a picture I painted but Aaron vetoed the white walls.  So I am picking a blue (because it is calming...which I obviously need sleep but he will like it too.  Our bathroom will probably be the same color and will look great with the yellow shower curtain I found on sale at, where else?  Target. :)
*The halls are still up in the air but I am thinking a very light gray and we are painting the doors fun colors (or a color...don't know yet)...

Okay there.  Decorated.  I am not going to go into furniture layout or anything crazy, even though I a pretty much have that figured out (barring any rearranging that may happen which is inevitable because I sometimes picture the shape or size of the room/furniture different than it is!).  The only furniture we will have to buy is a couple of the Billy bookcases from Ikea and we will be ready to go.  Now maybe I will be able to sleep.  I am now going to go back to not caring and having moved on.  If it works out GREAT!...If not than I will probably go back to sleeping because I will be back to not having to worry because I don't have anything to decorate.  Permanent closure on "our house" is going to be a much welcomed thing, one way or the other.