Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6th grade C.C. far...

I still can't sleep so I figured why not post some pictures of my favorite 6th grader hard at work & play. :)

Math: Khan Academy:
Recess: This day it was Frisbee in the front yard.

Penny being the true Southern Belle dog that, naturally choose to watch.
Sadie...not so much.  If it flies she will retrieve it.
IEW: (Institute for Excellence in Writing-LOVE THIS! and so does Jake who "hates to write"..not any more)
First day of Classical Conversations officially (we had orientation the week before but this was the real deal.  We meet once a week and all the new information is presented by parent tutors.  Parents must stay with our kiddos because we are the teachers.  We are just learn fun ways to learn it more at home and fellowship with other Christian homeschoolers)

Jake's Foundation Class-the Masters. 
Jake got his Case-it all set up with everything he needs. :)
Writing Foundations flashcards.  Copy work helps to memorize.
I could not have labeled the Fertile Crescent from Ancient History before last week...could you?  We can now.  We will be able to draw a map of the whole world and label it in the next couple of years!  That is awesome.
A little out of order-this was the week before on the way to orientation.
Orientation "recess".  They were playing octopus. Tag where they try to reach you with their arms and legs as people go by.  This is just a few of the kids.  There are probably around 40 I would say.
Recreating one of the Mastery Charts on the wall in the hall.  These are the big kids on campus.  The 4th through 6th graders.  (love the one room school house feel)

Not the most flattering picture of Jake he was looking down at the computer screen following along with the song and doing the hand motions that help remember history timelines and things like that .
Loving it so far.  Classical Conversations (C.C.) is a perfect fit for us.