Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Week in Review...

We are on the countdown to our vacation and can't wait!...But we have to and all I have to say is: Jake is a trooper! He had to spend a total of 11 hours with me at work this week. So, I tried to make up for it with some fun with friends. Here is our week in reiview....

Sunday: Went to church of course and I was supposed to greet at work from 4-7...but I didn't have to. They didn't make the weeks goal (it happens the middle of every summer I am told) and they had to cut hours. We were all so excited! Except this was my last week working for a while and I only had 19 hours scheduled for the week...I ended up making up for it on Friday so it all worked out.
Monday: I had the day off. We walked, cleaned, read, played the Wii and just hung out. It was a good day...
Tuesday: I had to work 11 to 7 (and Aaron is gone from first thing in the morning until about 9 at night) , so Jake spent the day with Nina (a good family friend from church) watching movies and playing with Maren (a sweet girl from church). He had a good time, but was happy I had the next day off...and so was I!
Wednesday: Errand day-and we had a bunch of them...Pick up Papa G's hearing aids. Check. Get the food for Cub Scouts. Check. Return a bathing suit (I ordered the wrong size of from Land's End clearance-GREAT PRICE, and I luckily got the right size in the next day) to Sears. Check. Post office. Check. Bank. Check...You get the idea...I bribed Jake (really rewarded him. He is a great helper and makes it fun by always playing in the car where ever we are headed) with Chic-fil-a at the mall while returning the bathing suit.. We also had Cub Scouts and the boys had a blast. We had an outdoor flag ceremony and Brother Russell taught the boys fire safety. Which you can imagine they LOVED! We roasted hot dogs and the boys ran around in the "forest" behind the church. In fact they had so much fun that we just had to have them over the next day! Thursday we had 5 friends over to play!

Milkshake face!
Trying to get the fire started.

Cooking their hot dogs on a fire they started (with a little help)!

Thursday: Play date! Including Jake we had 4 boys and 2 girls over (Kevin, Kelly, and Megan's dad had an appointment in the morning. Ian and Williams mom was headed on a temple trip-so it worked out perfect for everyone) from around 8 in the morning until we dropped the last 2 off (and they took a dip in their pool) right before I had to go to work from 4 to 7. I had to greet which is getting paid to talk and I am good at that. Jake hung out in the deli (right beside me).

This is what the boys did:
And the girls had a ball playing with toys from my childhood! My Little Ponies, Flower Petal Girls, and Strawberry Shortcake dolls.
We also played at the park near our house for about 2 1/2 hours and they had a ball pretending to be mythical creatures or something-I was reading in the shade. A nice break, because usually I am the one having to pretend to be the mythical creature...They were all excited to get to ride (slowly-all parents approved) in the back of the truck. They drank around 3 gallons of water! They needed it in the heat!!!

Luckily there was food left over from the night before. I am jealous of all of you who have this many plates to fill ever meal... :)

Here are the crazy kiddos eating lunch. You can't see it here because I hadn't brought it in yet but they polished off a whole bag of green grapes and about half a bag of red ones!
Jake and William in the pool to cool off. I dream of having a pool in our backyard! Someday...
I was so jealous...I knew I wouldn't have time to swim and shower before work...It was H-O-T. Glad they had fun!

Friday: JAKE IS A TROOPER. He had to come with me to work from 11-7, poor kid. He had an awesome attitude about it and of course everyone loves him and thinks he is hysterical. (Our Ward was having a pioneer camp out so no one was really available to watch Jake.) One of the girl's at work quit and they asked if I could come in on Friday. Since they are giving me a month off I couldn't say no! I told them I would have to bring Jake and they said it was no problem. Do I work at a great place or what? Jake ended up watching a couple of movies and I showed him how to run U-Scan, which he thought was awesome. There were meetings on Friday that a hand full of us didn't get to go to because our hours to work were during both the hours the meetings took place. My manager gave me this after:
I turns out 3 cashiers and 2 service people got $10 gift cards. They based who got it on: most positive feed back from customers in the store and on phone surveys. It was also based on which employees got letters from corporate for thanks on great service after their in store visits. I have gotten 3 letters...I assumed everyone was getting them. I guess not!
Saturday: I SLEPT IN!!! And it was so nice. I got out of bed at 9: 57...I was awake for about an hour but just laid in bed and thought about all the things we would need to accomplish the coming week in order to leave poor Aaron alone for 20 days!
In the mail that day, Jake got an interesting package from Nee that he can't open until we are in the car on our way to VA and VT. He says it is torturing him...It has been a day and a half since he got it...It is going to be a long week! Most importantly I worked from 4-7 on Saturday. My last hours to work until after school starts again! Now summer vacation is really starting!!!!