Thursday, July 8, 2010

Biggest Loser Week One Results

I feel bloated and my feet are swollen so I am happy to have lost 1 pound...I wish it were more but it is better than nothing. I battle with water retention every day-last night my fingers looked so unswollen (I know that is not a word) because I drank so much water yesterday. My feet in the summer are a whole other issue. I wear flip flops to church because I have to-there are no other options. I have a picture (somewhere...I will have to find it) of me when I was a totally skinny teenager at Camp (Vermont family lake cabin) in the summer and you can see my Barney Rubble swollen feet. When I wake up in the morning they are less swollen. When I was 12 and running summer track my leg swelled all the way up to my knee and they thought I had a stress fracture. Nope turned out to just be water retention. One of my doctors called it "Primary Lymphodema (sp)". I even took prescribed diuretics for years (it only helped temporarily) until I heard how it really isn't good for you. I knew I was pregnant with Jake literally 3 days in, because my fingers started swelling and I had a hard time wearing my wedding ring. Seriously-I was 3 days pregnant and I started swelling. Lucky me. :) Cute strappy sandals are a no go for my swollen feet. I making excuses? Maybe....Moving on!!! I worked hard but not hard enough I guess. I am looking for a big number next week because I am going to bump up my cardio. I am going to walk and do little jogs to get my heart rate up and I am going to stop being a wimp. Aaron said Jillian (from the Biggest Loser) would have me crying within 20 seconds. To that I say-that is why I would choose Bob to be my trainer!