Friday, July 2, 2010

My Biggest Loser Returns (and Eclipse...)

I literally just wrung sweat out of my pony tail...and it feels so good! I just walked not quite 2 miles and did my Wii Biggest Loser for 40 minutes. I restarted last week and only did it for that day. So, I really started it today. For real this time. It started on a good note because I lost 2 pounds since last week without doing anything! I could say I am restarting but doing something off and on for a couple weeks (more like days...) really isn't doing it. No more "wishing" and "hoping". This time I will be "doing". I have no excuses for being a slacker, I just am. No more looking back, just forward. I realized I when I am skinny I am going to want to tell people how much I weigh and how much I lost. Simple math will then let them add it all together to figure out how much I weighed. On the Biggest Loser show the world knows how much they weigh and I am sure that is part of the motivation. And lets face it you all know I am fat! So, you might as well know how fat and then it is all out there. I will have some major motivation to make the number go down because all 3 or 4 of you that actually read my blog will know...And I will know you know...You know what I mean? So, I am cringing while typing this but here is the starting number as of today: 268....Ok...It is out there and I can't take it back. I am fat-and I have already lost 18 pounds....So, really I am not as fat as I used to be! I am skinnier! That sounds so much better than saying I am fat...Thursday is my weigh in day for any body who actually reads this. :)

...Now on to Eclipse. To quote Elizabeth "it was AMAZING!"! I agree 100%!!!!!!! It was SO much better than Twilight and New Moon. Bella must of gotten some acting lessons because she didn't go crossed-eyed at all. Have you ever noticed that before? In the very important close up to eachothers faces scenes she always went crossed eyed! She had the Bella look but not the acting to back it up in the first two movies. She did so much better! And Edward...Ahhh Edward...He got a hair cut and his lipstick and white makeup weren't so obvious this time. And they acutally acted happy around eachother and smiled like you do when you love some one! I am now excitedly anticipating the next one instead of wondering how cheesy it will be! ****Let me be clear: even though I thought the others were cheesy I still love them, own them, and have watched them multiple times.**** When I made (yes MADE) Aaron watch the first two I would always cringe knowing that a scene that he would pick on was coming up. The "cheese" is gone folks! I think he will actually tolerate this one. It is a MUST SEE AGAIN ASAP kind of movie. And Elizabeth I am challenging you to actually READ the books so you can be a true Twihard. :)