Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random thoughts..

1. It was awesome to see the Hutcheon's and I have some pictures to prove it! (more later...)

2. This is a big movie week in our house:
a. "Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief" came out on DVD. We rented it and it was only okay. Not enough like the book for me and Jake. Thumbs half way up and half way down is what Jake said.
b. We also rented "Karate Dog"...I feel asleep, but Jake said it was good. (We have an awesome video store that we walk to that must be trying to compete with Redbox so it rents new movies for $1.50 and you get another family video for free. You also get a free rental with every A on report cards. Jake got straight A's so that is 5 free we haven't used yet. And Aaron got a 94 in he Calculus class (nerd) so that is another free one. AWESOME!)
c. "ECLIPSE" IS OUT!!!!! Elizabeth and I are going to see it tonight!!! We will give you all a review later...We watched "Twilight" and "New Moon" (again) on Saturday to get ready for it.
d. Thanks to Sara (our niece who just graduated) we are "Airbender" (the real Avatar, as I like to call it) JUNKIES and are SOOOO excited to see the movie that came out today! We are going to see it in some point. I am considering raiding the change jar for it. I have never seen a movie in 3D...I can't wait!
e. Laura and I (actually Jake-he owed me a couple of bucks and wanted to rent Sonic racing-which HE has to pay for. So, he rented the movie for us and we called it even...he got the better deal, but it was fun to think he was paying for it. He even let the cashier keep the 4 cents change she owed him as a tip...What a little flirt...sorry...rambling) rented "When in Rome". We give it a thumbs up for a funny and cute chick flick.
f. I want to rent "Letters to Juliet" next...Any one seen it?
g. We never go see movies and here we are faced with 2 awesome choices coming out in one week...But there really was no choice. It's Eclipse people! No choice at all.

3. We can know breath when we open the door. I think the Hutcheon's brought the Utah weather with them. We have had temperatures up to 104 already!!! To that I say booooo. To cooler weather I say ahhh...

4. Aaron was just looking at the tickets I printed off Fandango for "Eclipse" tonight and he said: "this is for tomorrow-it says July 2nd."...Picture me reaching for the paper as I cry out "WHAT!?!?!?". Then he laughs...Hahaha...