Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lego Wii Games, The Best Vet Ever, And A Puppy (not ours unfortunetly)

Jake loves all the Wii Lego games. He has Star Wars and Indiana Jones. We have rented Harry Potter and Indiana Jones 2. We keep noticing on the extras section something that says "Poo Money". Yep, poo money. We never knew what it meant until yesterday while playing Indiana Jones 2. It turns out that if you have the poo money setting on and are riding say a camel or a horse you push "z" and it makes the animal poo the Lego studs (you know the little tiny circle Lego's that you use as headlights or other things I can't think of right now...) that you collect throughout the game and use to buy things with. We earned well over 50,000 Lego studs after we figured that out. The blue ones are worth $1000. It is hysterical! I am sure you mothers of girls are thinking I am crazy, but trust me it is so funny!

If you remember back in March we had to put our sweet black lab Emily to sleep. We took her to what we think is an amazing Vet's office. I now KNOW it is the best. They make you a paw print in clay of your dog if you would like them to. We thought that would be great and told they us we could come and get in a few days when the clay dried. Needless to say I was a wreck and couldn't bring myself to go back. After about a month and a half I totally regretted that I hadn't made the trip. I figured it was long gone. Well, I just got a call a few minutes ago from the Vet's office and they told me they still had it and were wondering if we wanted to come by and pick it up. I was thrilled and told them I had assumed we waited too long. They said they would never throw it a way with out making sure that we didn't want it first. Bringing Emily that day in March was the first time they saw our family and they still took care of our sweet girl and us as if we had been life long clients. I am so impressed and as soon as we get a puppy (who knows when that will be) we will be right back there!

...Speaking of puppies we saw the cutest little guy this morning on our walk. He was in the middle of the road, saw us, started wagging his tail, and ran right for us. We sat down and cuddled him hoping (kind of...) his owner would come along to rescue him from the street. The owner came out a few minutes later just as Aaron was jogging by and saying we are not taking that puppy home...What a party pooper! Let me tell you if it was a girl (we are a strictly girl dog family) and it had been just a couple more minutes (we pet the dog for at least 5 minutes. Who lets a little puppy roam the streets at all!) it would have been on its way to our house. We would have put up signs of course saying we found a puppy...They may have been small and poorly placed signs but we would have put some (maybe just one...) up. Does a person who lets a tiny little puppy roam around the street (the man came out of his house to look for it. It isn't like he was in the yard or something) really deserve to have it? He told us it was a lab/collie mix. It was a tiny Emily with a white patch on his chest. He then went on to tell us there were 4 in the litter. The others were girls he had just given a way!!!! GIVEN AWAY-FOR FREE!!! I wish that would have happened a few days earlier...We would have had ourselves a little puppy. I think we would have named her Lucy....