Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Biggest Loser Week 4 Results and C-ya in about a month!

I lost 3 more pounds! Go me! I am up to 25 pounds lost and plan on losing a lot more in the month of August. BUT, I won't know how much until I get back from our extended vacation! We leave on Saturday the 31st and get back the 19th or 20th of August. Vacations are the best when the lodging is free. :) Buena Vista, DC, and CAMP HERE WE COME! We will be swimming, visiting family, swimming, hiking, and did I mention SWIMMING?! We are buying a bunch of paper plates and easy food to make and calling it good! So, for the 5 of you who may or may not notice my absence: I bid you farewell! Expect tons pictures of us tan, me skinnier, and splashing in the water in about a month! C-YA LATER!