Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jake's Summer Vacation Interview Part 2: Day 32..Seriously? Where is the Summer going???

Me: How is your summer going?
Jake: Fantastic!

Me: Can you explain the following pictures please?
Jake: Me in a tent in the Sunroom.
Me: Why is the tent in the Sunroom?
Jake: Because we were having a slumber party.

Playing with Bionicles.
That's my answer for the next picture too. (I am playing too see my hand?)
Mommy's squished face.
My squished face. (Looks like Scabbers-or Peter Petigrew for any of you Harry Potter fans like us.)
That's us smiling.
Me: Smiling?
Jake: Yeah remember crazy smiling.
Sad faces.
Super Hero pose
Mommy's super hero pose.
Me running in.
Me in the tent in my room.
Showing my set up.
Me and Daddy.

Me: So, would you say I am the coolest Mom ever for letting you have a tent in your room?

Me: Okay, just a couple more pictures to explain.
Jake: Rock Band (we are borrowing Matt and Erin's Rock Band stuff while they are gone for the summer and we rented Beatles Rock Band)
Warning stinky trash! MUST PLUG NOSE! P.U.! I throw away!
Me: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the summer?
Jake: CAMP! (We are going to Vermont in a couple of weeks and can't wait!!!! More on that later)