Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 7, 8, and 9...I am a slacker...BUT WAIT A MINUTE!!!!

I have to keep this short because the real Biggest Loser is getting ready to come on (Merry Christmas Madagascar is on and I am recording it for Jake!)and I need some serious motivation!!! Here are the last three weeks in a nutshell: Week 7-gained 2. Week 8-lost 2. Week 9-gained 1. I am a slacker and I know it. But here is the good news. My period is getting ready to start again. In 9 weeks I am getting ready to have my period for the 2nd time! That doesn't happen for me with my PCOS. It is usually every 3 months (if that)! Actually it is less time than that-I had my period week 4 (just looked back at my old posts) and now week 9 I am getting ready to have it again!!! I am seriously just realizing this!!! This is motivation!