Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon

See how I am posting again so quickly hoping you won't notice my weigh in results...Any way! (I have been blogging like crazy to catch up the past couple of days!) Have I ever mentioned that I am a Twilight fan? That I have read all the books 2 times, except the last one (what the heck is it called? I am totally drawing a blank and it is going to drive me crazy!) which I don't own. I have just read it one time. I am waiting for it to come out on paperback...Back to the point! I saw New Moon on Saturday and I loved it!!! Kind of. Edward really is much more wonderful in the books than anyone could ever portray on screen. Also the movie didn't really have time to character build a whole lot...Why did they put so much more makeup on Bella? How are they going to make her **SPOILER-for those who haven't read them all yet** more beautiful in the 4th movie? They should have kept the makeup simple until...she changes. I am trying not to give it all a way to those of you who haven't read them and may want to. But really you know what is going to happen right? I loved the movie Twilight enough to make me read all the books (I was dragged to it with a friend who was trying to convince me to read the books that I thought were so, I am going to say the "s" word-STUPID! They aren't by the way...They are addicting!)But I watched Twilight again (for the 5 or 6 time..) with the friend (Elizabeth) that I am trying to convince to read the books and it seemed a little cheesy..But I still love it! I dragged her to New Moon and she is more excited about reading them now. (She may be team Jacob though so I made sure I gave her Twilight to read.) I loved New Moon, but it is not as good as the book. I am trying to figure out if I really love the movie or if I want to love it more because I love the books...Does that make sense? I guess I will just have to see it again to figure it out! If you saw New Moon what did you think?