Thursday, June 11, 2015

RIP Burt...

Check out this cool car!  Where did I see it you ask?  In the parking lot of our mechanics (the day after my birthday).  Burt is officially (we thought so one other time but he pulled through) out of commission.  Something is wrong with him...I don't really know what...Something about the transmission but it isn't the transmission...He's dead.  Unless of course you want to just drive around town at 25 mph since he won't shift to the next gear.

The price to fix him is $900, which is about what he is worth.  All this means that "Old Reliable", the Jeep's new name (Jake renamed him..her), is out of retirement...and our fancy car is getting lots of miles on it while Aaron drives it for work.

He is temporarily driving the fancy car.  Just until we figure out what he is going to drive for work.  Old reliable isn't "put 100+ miles on me a day" reliable.  Plus no air conditioning...Not fun in the South in summer...which is here.  Humidity.  Heat.  We are living it right now.  To which I say "YUCK". 

Although we are very sad that Burt is deadish (some mechanic may be able to fix him and get a few more miles out of him)  we really can't complain.  For 1998 free handy-me-down, we got a whole lot out of miles out of him. 
  So, Burt has taken over the retirement spot in the drive way. Old Reliable is no allowed in the carport because of the oil he spills but he taking us around town.  Aaron is off driving around in my (don't you love how I went from ours to mine?) fancy car in his dusty work boots with the AC pumping in his face.  And on a completely different note...our house is kind of adorable.

Don't worry.  My fancy floor mats are being protected from Aaron's dusty work boots.  I found some cheap rubber floor mats to catch all the work site dirt until my baby can be returned to me. :)  It was Aaron's idea and I think it is genius.  I do love that Southern red dirt...just not in my fancy this amount.
So, Burt will be going on Craig's List (with absolute full disclosure of his issues) and we will see if someone (most likely a mechanic who can fix it himself.  The part is only $30 but you have to take out the whole engine to replace it.  Labor costs a lot) wants a really cheap car they can fix and drive around town a little bit.  Old Reliable will be driven, only when absolutely necessary because it is too dang hot to be rolling with no AC in South Carolina right now (it is supposed to be 98 degrees on Monday...we started summer late but it is here now!    Stay tuned for news on a new (to us-it will be old I am sure) car...we are working....