Thursday, June 11, 2015



...laundry basket... the house was empty.  If only but for a moment.  They were all empty.  And the ones that were filled with clean clothes were emptied too.  There is one load left in the dryer...and to be honest there is another load ready to wash again now (Aaron played basketball last night, while Jake learned the basics of fencing, and while I helped clean a rental home for a friend that is getting ready to move into it...all sweaty clothes that need to be cleaned today) but for a few miraculous moments all the laundry was done.  Even more miraculous:  I did it all.  I went back into the laundry room.  No snake has been found and no changes to keep them out have occurred but I will go broke if I actually pay Jake a dollar for every load (except his own because he has to do it) like I did for a couple of weeks because I was being a wimp.  I still am a wimp but I am being brave...and fast!  I can put a load in and either put it in the dryer or in a basket to put on the line (depending on what it is) really quickly.  I am in and out. 
And boy howdy clothes dry fast on the line now because it is H-O-T, hot here!  It is humid but not so much that the clothes won't dry.  How cute is our little path to the storage room under the house (I still need to take pictures) that I don't really go in since there was a snake sitting on the light switch that I almost touched a few months ago?...It is really just a glorified crawl space because the house is built on a little hill. I hate snakes.  But I love that for a moment all the laundry was done....See I told you miracles really do happen!