Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Around here...Lately.

 The same old, same old.  Which is kind of awesome.  We live a no drama life and I kind of like it that way.  Here are (as usual...) lots of pictures with just a few words....

Playing Risk for geography purposes....

Sadie loves pillows.

We are both working hard.  Jake at math and me at coloring...

More geography but this time with my beautiful new globe I got with my birthday money from Nana and Papa.

Jake has come up with an idea for a board game.  So we are making a board game!

Lots of steps have been happening around here.

Pinterest you really do know me.  You suggested I pin this because you though I would like it.  You are right Pinterest.  I do like it.  So much that I already own it. 

Bag of Asian salad that even had the ginger dressing in it for $2.50 at Sam's club...I added chicken and it is now one of my favorite quick and easy meals ever. :)

The Rail Trail Dog Park now has a sprinkler and four pools.  Sadie approves on all the upgrades.  And to the fact that she didn't have to share it with any one since we were the only ones there.

It must be game night if this guy is frying wings!  This was for game three of the NBA finals.  (This should let you know how long ago I should have been posting these pictures...)
The never ending battle to organize every inch of my house continues....

I got an amazing birthday gift from an old friend (and former neighbor.  We built houses next door to each other in Fletcher on purpose) in the mail.

I couldn't decide if I wanted it above the bookcase or the desk, but I decided on the bookcase.

The picture below is of Aaron stopping by to see how the Ward Day of Service was going (which is the picture under the one of Aaron.  We painted a park) after he helped his dad fix the busted water line (it happened again) in their front line.  Isn't he cute?

Our little friend Hailey from church who just turned 8 (and got baptized) invited us to her pirate themed birthday party.  The food and entertainment were both fantastic!

We got to witness the chaos that is candy retrieval after the Pinata busts from a prime spot.

And we got to see another one of our little friends, Omner on his baptism day.  We have gone to 6 baptism in the past month!  These kiddos are so lucky to have such a large class of 8 year olds.  It is great to grow up with lots of friends that have the same beliefs as you!

Hamburgers in a caste iron skillet are the best you will EVER eat.  If you haven't tried it, we highly recommend it.  We like it so much that we had it two nights in a row for dinner.

I mean really...how can you not want to eat that?

I made the guys strawberry lemonade and didn't want to drink all that sugar so I put frozen strawberries in my ice water.  It is another one of my favorite things. 

Jake had a scab on his ear lobe that he accidentally itched off so we put a Yoda Band Aid on it.

That moment when Rere (Riannon who is 17 1/2) realizes just how much taller Jake is than her...It was a Kodak moment. :)

Why have I never posted this?  Or have I...I don't remember.  Aaron was at work when his company was replacing their large flag (the end, which is turned under because the wall isn't long enough, is a little tattered), and he got to take the old one home.  Its new home is in Jake's room.

Life is drama free and good!