Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 28: Some Days Pretty Doesn't Happen...

                                   Let me be honest...More times than not it doesn't happen.
 Sometimes I use pretty serving dishes and tablecloths for dinner.  Most times it looks like this.  Served out of the pots it was cooked in. And the only reason we aren't using paper plates (like the apple and crescent rolls are on) is because we were having white chilli which requires a bowl and I didn't have any paper bowls.
And this poor quality photo is of a sweet, puffy bird that was relaxing on the clothes line.  It was there for a long time so I tried to sneak out and take its picture closer but it flew away....This one is from the dinning room, through the window that needs to be cleaned and zoomed in a lot...At least we have a picture of the memory of it. :)