Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween...and the rest of the week!

We celebrated Halloween the Wednesday before at our church trunk-or-treat.  Primary (the organization for children 18 months to 11) was in charge of a "carnival style" game of making Halloween Stew (you take a straw and suck up cut out Halloween shapes and run over to a cauldron and drop it in) and it decorating our station.  Aunt Sheila came along for the festivities and got roped into helping set up-which she didn't mind at all!

This is pretty much it for the pictures I took that evening because it got dark so early!   Recognize the costume?  It is Link from the video game Legends of Zelda Hyrule Warriors...but you probably remember it from his Renaissance costume. :)

Jake managed to rack up a lot of candy and of course couldn't wait to see what he got!

Sadie was also very interested in seeing what he got!

The week before we had gotten "Booed!" (someone leaves treats on your doorstep and you are supposed to turn around and "boo" two others) and because of Aaron having a really long week of work (he had to finish 4 houses last week to close and he did it!) we never got to pass it on (even though I had it already-we just wanted to do it as a family but we ran out of time!)!  So finally on October 30th we did it!

Even though it was daylight, and Nee already knew we were there, we had her close the door so Jake could still do the ding-dong-ditch part of "booing" because that is what makes it so fun!

We tried to do it to Aunt Sheila but she didn't hear the doorbell!  Luckily the gentleman she hired to paint her house heard us other wise we may have been there for a while!  Hahahaha!

My favorite part of this time of year is the colors...These were some leaves on Aunt Sheila's steps up to the parking lot.  It is like a rainbow on leaves!  I love it!

We decided to drive down a different road than usual to see a few more leaves before they are gone...

Jake cooked dinner for us that night.  He is a pro at making egg holes.

You know you are a spoiled Southern homeschooler when you do school in your PJ's, in your parents bed...Oh yeah-the Southern part-it was 62 degrees in our house which Jake said, "is freezing!" and had to put on his Winter coat...

That is not that cold.
 And last but not least: On Halloween night Jake got invited to a lock-in at friends (just 12 kids) of ours from our homeschool co-op.  We don't do sleepovers but we decided a lock-in (is that a Southern thing?  I don't know.  They stay up all night playing games) would be okay since it was supervised 100% of the time.  There was fun games to play all night long (they had a bonfire, a hay ride, hide and seek in the dark, etc) and the best part:  It snowed!  We didn't have any accumulation but it snowed!  This is a picture of Jake on the way home eating Chick-Fil-a on the way home.  We were supposed to be going to the Biltmore Estates (since our pass runs out on the 8th) but decided, since it snowed (and accumulated) in the mountains and was supposed to rain all day up there (and the fact that Jake had been up all night), to wait until this Saturday.  Aaron and Jake went to the $2 theater and saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while I went I up to Monroe with Mom to go to a funeral of a friend of ours.

And now as I am typing this I am realizing this week is almost over...I will never catch up...