Monday, November 24, 2014

The Moose Cafe

 Whenever we head up "our mountain" we like to swing by our favorite restaurant that serves up Southern home cooking at it's finest.

(See our mountain coming up in the distance? That is what Jake always called it when we were heading home from visiting family who lived down the mountain.  We had such a long pretty leaf season this year...This picture is what is still holding on...These were taken on Nov 8th)
 (This is our old exit.  We lived in Fletcher.  See- it even says right on the exit that is was our Mtn Home.)
 (Jake thought this was a cloud maker.  This time when we passed it he told us some smart kid reason why it does actually help create clouds and I know he was right because he told me all about it when he read it about it in his science book...but I can't remember what he said now...but it was pretty smart. :)  )

The Moose Cafe.  Where the biscuits are as big as your head!  Not literally but it is fun to say and they are pretty darn big...and yummy.

I don't care who your are THAT is a big biscuit.  I am sure very similar pictures are in other years of my blog but it is a little bit of heaven for your taste buds and several memories have been made here so I don't care!  Jake (age 5 or 6) said, "If we were rich we would eat here all the time!" 
 I am still not sure why it is called Moose Cafe since there are no Moose in NC but that is okay when the food is this good (and they use local food they get from the Farmers Market they are right next too!)
I get meatloaf every time because it is amazing.  And you have too love the South-where chilli and mac & cheese are on the list of vegetables!  The chilli was awesome too.
 Aaron took a picture to send to Jeremy to make him wish he was there.  I think I will call it a jealousy picture.  It seems to fit.

And the traditional photo with the Moose.

Why do you ask were we headed up our mountain?  To go one last time to the Biltmore Estates before out passes expired. Bittersweet....