Monday, November 24, 2014

Dear Biltmore House (Part 1)

 We love you so old friend!  We are so glad we had a pass to visit you this past year, but we are wondering why we didn't come more often.  I guess we let life get in the way and we regret it!  We had big plans to come here on Spring days and do school on your grounds.  We were going to bring Sadie and take her on a walk on one of your many trails.  Jake even swears we said we were going to rent Segway's ($60 a person per hour...I don't think so) and go on some trails but that sure didn't happen.  The point it we are going to miss you-we do already.  So maybe, just maybe we will get passes again some day.  Until then I wanted you to see some of the things we saw while we visited you.  To see you through my eyes...So here goes....And I take lots of pictures so we may just want to call this Part 1.  Your trees with berries on them are so pretty.  The leaves are gone but that pop of red is gorgeous!

I love this design and it is everywhere.  I LOVE, Love, love it!

Here are my guys headed over to check out the view...
 ...or to look straight down...They literally walked up and both immediately looked down.  Do you get that a lot?.  Probably mostly from men.
 I wish I had thought to come all 4 seasons and take the very same picture from the very same spot.  What was I thinking?...Or I guess I should say why wasn't I thinking!
 I bet you look great in the snow.  We will definitely have to come back and see some time.

This is as good as it gets for a picture of my guys in this spot.  The sun was shining on you on November 8th (the day before our passes expired).  Just a week before you got snowed on and we didn't get to visit you because Jake stayed up all night long at a Halloween lock in...Okay that is a whole other story...Back to you.

Seriously?  I kind of ADORE your statues.  I have a zillion pictures of them.  
 Even your cracks and crevasses (that is how spell check says to spell it but I am on the fence with whether I believe it or not...I it pretty late though so it could just be that my brain is tired..) are lovely!

 Aaron the PTPP didn't want to take a picture of the three of us around your lion this year and I bug him to take a lot of pictures so I let it go this time.  I pick my battles (next time Aaron).  I wonder how many thousands of pictures people have taken with your lions...
 (I am sure your lion's get this a lot...sorry)

Forgive him for the nose picking.  He really is a nice kid.  See?  This is Jake is humoring me by letting me take a picture of him when he doesn't want me to. Aaron could learn a lesson or two from him in this department! ;)

I wonder how many people have sat in this very chair and seen this view...
 I wonder how many of your guests have enjoyed the rooftop tour.  We were going to do that but we didn't...

For all we said we were going to do but didn't, we have just as many fond memories of what we did.  So I guess there is no use dwelling on what could have been.  We soaked up so much history as we walked though your halls.  We imagined Christmas feasts around your enormous tables, and wondered what books were in your library that we couldn't see from behind the ropes that held us back.  We imagined other peoples memories of you while making our own.  We are pretty lucky to know you!  My eye lids are finally getting heavy so I will close for now dear friends.  Soon I will show you some of our last trip memories  on your beautiful grounds and I am sure you will not be disappointed.  We weren't.  Good bye for now old friend!