Thursday, November 6, 2014

Seeing Red...and that's a good thing!

On Tuesday, I voted.  I hope you did too.  I love my camera (which is my phone.  But in order of importance-camera comes first.)!  The sweet little old lady but my "I Voted" sticker on me (before I voted...I felt like a fraud-but only for a minute) and I pulled it off to get a picture (because that is what I do) and you can see the fuzz it pulled off my shirt!  You used to have a fancy expensive camera to capture the fuzz.  Now you just need a Samsung S5 smartphone.  It also reminded me that I need to clean my steering wheel.  I shouldn't have said that.  You may not have noticed how dirty it was if I hadn't pointed it out.  I didn't know how dirty it was until I got excited at the fuzz on my sticker!

But any way-back to the point...if there is one.  I noticed something that I couldn't help but capture on...what used to be film but is the cloud?  Microchip?  I don't know just on my phone.  There really isn't a fancy or romantic sounding way to say it anymore is there?
But any way-I looked down and saw this beautiful RED leaf.

And it made me look up and see tons of RED leaves on the trees in the parking lot of the school we vote at.  I had to pick one and take a picture of it.  It is so RED and sooooo pretty....I haven't painted my fingernails for a long time...but that is another subject....See how my brain works?  It really is exhausting listening to it all day.

It seemed to me that all those RED leaves could only be a sign of things to come.  And I was not to be disappointed.  Thank you American's for not letting me down!  I am so proud to live in a State that there was no doubt would be red.  South Carolina is a conservative state with conservative values.  That is one of the beauties of living here.  I am proud that my 2nd home state (NC) and Jake's birth state woke up and went RED again.  And my birth state (NH) even got a couple of RED stripes in it which is way more than I expected would happen!

And it only seemed right to FINALLY watch "America Imagine The World Without Her" (and a lot of FOX News) on election day.  I loved it (but it does make you see red a little when he is laying out the accusations against America and the way we have let-since we didn't stop it-history be rewritten)!  I loved that it corrects so many misconceptions about our History that is being taught in schools today.  I love that it brings to light when, where, and who is at fault for the lies being spread (and taught in our school systems) that we need to apologize about what we have and who we are.  It is amazing that a single individual could further an incorrect and deceptive ideology (liberalism) so quickly and that so many people would fall for it and think the idea of America should be crushed....I cried a little when Bono (an Irishmen) stood up for and spoke out about what he called "the idea of America".  Why are so many Americans apologizing for our greatness?  What big dummies!  I am so glad that the votes on Tuesday reminded some of those Liberals that we aren't going down with out a fight.  I am so glad that I have the right-no duty-to vote in this free nation.