Monday, November 24, 2014

I didn't even take a nap today...

...and I still can't I might as well blog since I am pitiful at it lately.  For some reason every time I say I am going to do better at something I just do worse at it!  So from here on out I am not going to keep up with documenting all the important little moments that make up our life!  (Now we wait and see if it works....)

In the mean time, here are a few things I should have posted about a while ago.

Halloween candy means wrappers every where and I am not liking it.  I could have taken about 50 more pictures but I think you get the point with just these two.

I mentioned that I hate it when people put their empty wrappers back in the candy they just laid it beside the bowl...I think I need to be more specific.

Or instead of putting it in the trash can you could just throw it down on the dinning room table while you (I am assuming here but I am most likely correct) are walking into the kitchen to wash down the peanut butter cup with some milk...from the fridge...which is right next to the TRASH CAN.

This may be one of the reasons I am not the biggest Halloween fan...

 Wow...and here ladies and gentlemen is why you are supposed to keep up with your blog.  We went some where...can't remember where and on the way back decided we were starving (and it was way past lunch time) and we decided Cracker Barrel was calling our name...Where the heck did we go?...This is going to drive me crazy!  I will ask Jake tomorrow and do a little update.  For now enjoy all these random pictures I took in honor of the fact that we hardly ever go to Cracker Barrel (except on long road trips....which this was not...)

And yes Jake looks way to old to be my child in these pictures.  This is the face of 13... {tear}...(and no he did not really only have one of those pegs left...we both got "we are ignora-moose")

I will be making myself a sign for my kitchen that will say this on it.  

This is his I kicked your butt face.  Yep he is a little crazy.

Jake came home from YM's (Young Mens-Wednesday night youth group) and had this catalog for USC Upstate and I flipped through...

...and decided I want to major in History when I go back to college...some day (?)...I figured out a minor but I already forgot what it was....See I really need to blog in a more timely fashion before I forget all these important goals I am setting for myself.

Here are a couple of random school pictures....
 ...for good measure.  That is one smart kid working on his Physical Science.
And this my friends is what your dining room table will look like if you decide to reorganize the kitchen, pantry, and linen closet...? More on that later.

I am working my way through pictures trying to catch up.  I literally haven't even posted half the pictures from our VT/NH trip yet...that was in July.  I have 37 days to put this whole year to bed.  I WILL do it by December 31st!...WAIT!!!  I mean:  I won't do it by then if ever! (Reverse psychology on myself...will it work?  This is my last hope...)