Thursday, October 30, 2014

Frustration is...

...Getting a text from the library saying we have an overdue item and to log online to resolve it or call them.  I logged on under my card-nothing is overdue.  I logged on under Jake's card-nothing overdue. So, I take the next step.  I call and can't even get through to a live human being after working with the automated system 3 times!!! I have done both things you asked of me and nothing is resolved!!!

Not to mention the fact that I went on Facebook for about 10 minutes and as usual it has put me in a bad mood.  With out going into all the details, I just commented (to back her up) on a friends post who had posted something political and she was pretty much told she was ignorant for posting.  And the worst part of this Facebook bullying is that the person that told her she should "check her facts before posting something" (that was in fact correct by the way) used Wikipedia as a source to prove her wrong....Wikipedia?....Are you serious ignorant Facebook bully?!  You think Wikipedia is a credible source? 

And just to really keep it real:  It is 2:00 on Thursday afternoon and only about half of Jake's list for the week is done and that is not going to cut it and it will get done if he has to work until he goes to bed tonight and then again tomorrow....and I may have just yelled at him about that...which lets face it may not have helped very much.

What is this world coming to?!!!  The library should have a live person to answer their phone and people need to get a life and stop stalking their "facebook friends" to see if they are posting anything they disagree with in order to bully them.  I am learning that Conservatives/Republicans roll their eyes and scroll on through when Liberals post something they don't agree with.  Liberal/Democrats have so much time on their hands that they can leave their remarks all over the place and feel better about the fact that the only things they believe in are a women's right to murder unborn children, cops being bad people, letting illegals in-in order to create more liberal votes, and that the US needs to apologize for being awesome. 

There.  I said it. 

I realize in 10 years none of this will matter (lets face it maybe in 10 minutes it won't matter...) but at this particular moment I am frustrated and venting makes me feel a whole lot better.  Don't judge me...I already do that enough for the both of us.  Now, I need to go and apologize to my child while letting him now he better step it up and put a hustle in the bustle!!