Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wow...this was a while ago.

I apparently uploaded these pictures a while ago and forgot to to come back to it.  This was in the middle of September maybe?  We decided to finally put up the trampoline.

Don't let this photo fool you.  I am the strong one that put the last hook on and most of them I might add.  Last week Jake said, "Mom's must be superheros."  A statement which I agree with but I wanted to know why he thought this.  He went on to say that our bags/purses are so heavy and we carry them every where with no problem.  That is just one of our superhero powers.

It had been so long since we took trampoline picture we decided to do the Harry Potter shot!
Yep.  I was right.  This was the middle of September because Jake went to a "Duct Tape Survival" class for homeschoolers at the library and Jake made flip-flops.

I love this kid.

Trampolines are for more than jumping.  Jake does a lot of school on it too.

Homeschooling rocks...but lets keep it real and say sometimes it is hard and I wonder why in the world we are doing it!!!  But then I remember why and it is all worth it. :)