Saturday, October 25, 2014

A week in review!

Sunday:  Baked spaghetti (I actually used elbow macaroni), and

Cinnamon cupcakes, 

and homemade Chex Mix-OH MY!  Last Sunday after church we decided it was a good day to eat yummy food I guess.  Aaron has been making a lot (2 times a week probably) Chex Mix lately!

Monday: Art,  and Science, and Foundations-OH MY!  Co-op and C.C. at the library.  And I am done with the OH MY's...It just popped into my know-Lions, and Tigers, and Bears-OH MY!

Tuesday:  I found something I want for Christmas and it isn't the candy that someone randomly left behind.

And I got gas for $2.59 at Sam's Club.  Thank you SC for low gas taxes!

And of course school.  Geography is kind of cool.  Who knew?!
Wednesday it was chilly enough for me to bust our some closed toed shoes!  Thank you Nana for buying them for me this summer-I am so glad I can finally wear them!

Jake played with Sadie while we waited for Nee and Aunt Sheila to head to Greenville. 

Doesn't she look vicious?  She isn't.  And look below for a lovely picture of some roses in our yard.

Mr. Poinsett  is apparently from Greenville.  I can't really remember what it said.  He went to some island and brought back Pointsetta's...Maybe.  I could google it but I am not going to.  I will just read it again when we head back to Greenville.

We had fun on the Falls Park Bridge over Reedy Creek.  

Nee was on the phone with Tina (their phone isn't great in Bolivia so when they call you take advantage of talking to them!) so she missed out on our awesome shadow picture from the bridge.  I think we are going back soon to do school and have a "What 13 Looks Like" photo shoot.  

Seriously.  We live in an amazing (yet scary) time in history.  Go back even 5 years and you would be hard pressed to take such amazing pictures with a phone.  My poor camera has been retired and it happened the day I got my smart phone.

By the time Nee got off the phone the sun had changed enough that the shadow picture wasn't quite as awesome.

Aunt Sheila and Nee in a tunnel leaving the park that brought us to another great bridge. Jake has decided he is going to live in Greenville when he grows up.  That sounds perfect to me because it is not that far away from Spartanburg....or we could move to live by him. :)

A group of 3 ladies got a big kick out of me taking this picture of Jake when he looked over at them and whispered to them, "help me"!  We didn't even go in the shop but how can you pass by one of these face cut out photo ops?! Hahaha!  I love that boy and his sense of humor!
  The whole point of going to Greenville was to get some Annie Sloan paint, but by the time we got done eating lunch at Sticky Fingers (yum) and checking out the park, the store was closed...We made it back home in time to go to the store and get supplies for Jake and Daddy to fry Oreo's, pickles, and other goodies for the Youth to eat while watching the end of the movie "17 Miracles".

Thursday:  We enjoyed watching Sadie obsess over the Squirrel in our tree.  I missed her sitting up on her back hunches looking like a large black prairie dog.  You may notice how big her dog bed is.  We unfolded it because we were getting ready for a doggy sleepover with Sadie's doggy cousins Penny (her adopted dog mom and best dog friend.  We were babysitting Penny when we adopted Sadie and Penny was a good mama for her first few days at home with us) and Lucy Lou.  Nana and Papa headed up to Tennessee for a couple of days and the dogs have been having a great time.

  We decided it was way past time for a big breakfast.  I can't remember the last time I made pancakes.  That is sad. 

 Lucy helped Jake with some reading.  We are both reading Robinson Crusoe  for Jake's 9th grade Literature and Composition.  Did I mention he is in the 8th grade but really the 9th grade?  That is a post for another day.

Jake went to the dentist and they found his first (and maybe second by the time he goes back in six months for another cleaning) cavity.  Bummer.  He goes back on November 11th to get it filled and he has been brushing, flossing, and swishing like a maniac since then hoping the other tooth may not become a cavity.  Both teeth are new ones that just came through which the dentist said is very typical.
 On Friday we had a mental health day (Wednesday Jake did do some school and it was a field trip) and had a friend over.  Jake's friend Ethan, has a sister who is a senior and she and her mother were going to tour Clemson University.  Which meant Jake had a friend to occupy his time.
They had a great time jumping on the trampoline and playing outside for a couple of hours and then lunch with a show followed by playing the Wii.  They didn't even get to Lego's and ping pong so Ethan will just have to come back again soon.
 I accomplished a ton while they hung out!  I began my new mission for the Fall:  Mission Organization.  Do you remember that show that used to be on HGTV?  It was my favorite.  I am literally going to organize every room, drawer, and cupboard of our house.  I started in the dining room because that room will be the easiest.

While they had a gread time, I worked long and hard in the spare room that turned school room/office a few weeks ago but never really got completed.  It is several steps closer to done now!  And most recently you can open the door all the way.  This past week we have had to step over some piles-you know, things I had started to organize and never finished...I do that a lot.  I have always had that one room that I can shove stuff in and just close the door to when people come over---but not any more.  The whole house will be organized!!!!

You can see a few containers under the dry erase board (they are all photos with a little bit of other "memory type things" mixed in...yep back before I had a digital camera) that I still need to go through.  Notice the TV armour (sp?  that is how spell check said to spell it but it just doesn't look right...) that used to be in our bedroom is in the school room now!  Now my dresser is in our room (I was using it in here to hold craft stuff when this room was still a spare bedroom.) and so is the hope chest that Grampa Smith made me.  I will take pictures of all the changes once it is all pretty and done.  I have already posted so many pictures of the house I should probably hold off until things are more permanent. :)

I also realized I am Monica.  Remember the show Friends?  She was the one who was kind of OCD but you found out later on that she had a closet that was stuffed with stuff.  Well that is me.  I like my house to be pretty and I don't mind (that is not true...I do mind but sacrifices must be made for pretty) having to shove things in a closet to accomplish it.  But this is going to change.  This will become a sort of storage/craft supply closet.  You see if I admit I have the problem then you all will be waiting to see me fix it.  Now that I have shown it to you, I have no choice but to fix this problem so you can see the amazing after photo.  This one may be a while because it will be the last frontier for sure.  

I also started this project.  The whole wall will be filled with frames.  The frames will all be painted black.  The empty frame will have an H in it.  It will be amazing and I know I already have enough frames to finish the project.  They are in a container either in the attic (not going up there), the shed (not going in there), or the laundry room (I will go in there-but not to dig through things).   I need to find and paint them and fill them.  I will post an after photo when this is all done.  I am so excited. 

Sadie is so good at sharing.  They all fit on the bed but at this particular moment Sadie was giving her cousins some space.

Today is Saturday and I am sitting her blogging.  Aaron and Jake have headed for to Columbia for a Youth Temple trip so I have several hours to spend doing whatever I want.  I have a couple of things I need to do and a whole bunch of things I want to do!  I started off by dusting, vacuuming, and reorganizing some pretty things.  Then I sat down on the love seat and enjoyed my pretty living room while watching "Fixer Upper" on HGTV.  I love that show and I love my whole entire house- but at this moment I am in love with the view from my love seat!  I know I just said a few minutes ago that I needed to stop taking pictures of my house but I cannot do it.  I am getting ready to Fall Up this room a little but before I do I just looked at my pretty room and breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction....

...and onto a remake.  I painted this picture several years ago to match my Southern Living at Home Gail Pittman vase, platter, and large bowl (which I still have and love) when we were selling our house in Fletcher--why do we always make our house perfect when we are trying to sell it?  Not this time.  We are staying put and I am going to make our house perfect for us to live in-not sale!
I am painting over it and I am so excited  (I should have primed it instead of having to do a million coats..oh well).  More on this later.  Now onto missing my guys but loving the time I have to accomplish a few fun things!!!