Thursday, October 9, 2014

Brain Declutter: Quotation Marks and "Morons"

*(I inserted this * and sentence after I typed the others.  But don't let that fool you into thinking I put much thought into any of this.) I usually write my titles after I will all make sense to you after you read this...I think

I have been doing a horrible job keeping up with my blog (no surprise there) and I will do better...some day.  At the moment my brain is cluttered with things that need to come out so that my loved ones can stand to be around me....and so that I can stand the thoughts in my head.  Some people may think this post is mean, not politically correct, or rude.  I could  care less what those people think. I am smiling because it is so true.  I do not care what politically correct people or "morons" think.  My blog=my feelings.  And I have been "feeling" quit a few things lately.  I will not be editing this (I say that as if I usually do...I don't) and these are just a few off the top of my head-so this list is not complete.  There are many more things that make me use too many quotation marks and call people (maybe even groups of people) "morons".  Okay lets begin.

*I just saw something on Facebook.  Someone typed (after a state voted down "marriage equality"): "When the minorities rights are trampled upon by the majorities vote...who wins?"  It seems pretty obvious to me who wins: the majority wins...which in turn means democracy, liberty, and freedom win (in my head I am ending this sentence with "you moron" but don't tell anyone).  Plus that vote wasn't really on a "right". 

*Nebraska is now telling teachers that they cannot use "gender specific" terms like "boys and girls"  (there are a lot of quotations in this sentence and I am not quoting a beloved author so it isn't going to end well) anymore when referring to their students.  It confuses the children who haven't decided which sex they are yet or something crazy like that...?...! (morons)

*Heavenly Father does not make mistakes.  If He did then he would not be God.  He doesn't put someone's spirit in the wrong body.  That would be stupid and He isn't.  So, those who think that children need to have a chance to "decide" which sex they are, are...wait for it... are morons. When I say "they"  I am referring to ALL the people in Nebraska who thought the above referenced idea was a good one.  Oh right-and anyone else who "thinks Nebraska is right" are also morons.

*Obama.  He's a moron.  I don't have to give my reasons for that.  You all know exactly what I am talking about. 

*"Marriage Equality"....?...Which movie am I quoting when I say: "I do not think that means, what you think it means".

*How come in America no body (besides religious people) care about getting married-except gay people?

*Why is Turkey, "our allies in Nato", using tear gas on people protesting ISIS and why aren't they bombing or attacking ISIS who are "right at their borders"? This kind of confuses me.  I haven't watched the news today so I am really hoping that has changed...Please tell me it has changed. 

*This happened to last week. I was driving in a parking lot looking for a spot and there was a person (moron) that was walking almost down the middle of the road, she looked back at me, moved herself and her buggy more to the middle, and then slowed her pace even more.  It made me pretty mad.  I really think she is a big meany.  Some would say, "Maybe she was having a bad day-we don't know what they are struggling with."  To this I say, "Everyone is struggling with some thing and going out of your way to be rude and mean makes you a moron."

*The Princess Bride.   That's the movie I was quoting if you didn't know.

The End.  Brain Decluttered.  Mission Accomplished.


One more thing...and this is a big one!  I don't know how I forgot this one!  If you pull a gun on a cop and shot at him 3 times you are a moron!  If you are up and arms that the cop then shoots, 8 times (I think that is what it said on the news), and kills the person that shot at him 3 times you are THE BIGGEST MORONS OF THEM ALL!!!!!