Friday, October 29, 2010

Vermont...Seriously it was in August...I think I will finish NOW!

I am going to finish our Vermont trip posts now! I have tons of pictures and I can't post them all. Here are a few (hundred) that I just had to post and some words to go along with them.....
Driving down the railroad track (it used to be a railroad bed a LONG time ago and we still call it that.) We always roll down the windows and now we are almost there...Just minutes away from Camp...
It was chilly the first day-perfect sleeping at Camp weather. Jake actually slept in this. We slept on the Screened in porch. It was heavenly....
One of my favorite pictures ever....
Some of my Favorite People Live in Vermont, Part 4 (for Parts 1-3 go back to Aug. and Sept posts): Aunt Shelia...Where do I begin? As a child I LOVED the sound of her silver bangle bracelets and her fashion sense. She is one of those people that uses their hands to talk and I remember thinking that I wished I could make my hands look that cool. I would watch the way she held her glass and try to do it that way too. Do you know what I mean? She was (and still is) one of those people that you just love to watch because they are cool without trying to be. Aunt Sheila is an amazing person. She tells you what she thinks and laughs while she does it. She works hard and enjoys life while doing it. She always makes time to see us when we are up North. With Aunt Shelia, you feel loved because she listens and cares about what you are saying-you just know it by the way she looks at you. Did I mention how cool she is? Seriously cool. I love her. Always have, always will. This is Jake and Aunt Sheila posing with the bird feeder she brought to Camp for Jake to make. Love this picture...That is so Aunt Sheila-not looking at the camera but looking to see Jake's reaction. It is a classic Aunt Sheila shot. :)
Sm ore's (didn't know that is how you wrote it, but that is what spell check said.) Had them at least a million times. ;)
Some of my Favorite People Live in Vermont, Part 5: Aunt Sandy and Uncle David. My Aunt Sandy has such a great laugh! One of those laughs you just can't help but laugh along with. She is-get ready for this-the person who taught me: when you are sick at night and just can't make it to the bathroom-you should throw up in a pot. At our house, my mom would put a towel on our pillow. At Aunt Sandy's house she gives you a pot to throw up in. Once you puke in a pot you never go back to the towel on the pillow. :) Crazy memory-but I think it explains the kind of relationships we had with our family-present in our lives for everything. I love Aunt Sandy. I love the story about her that she once saw a snake (she hates them just like me) in her yard while she was mowing it and chased it until she ran it over. That is courage people. I would run the other way like my life depended on it! Can you see why some of my favorite people live in VT?! I love the memories I have with my cousins Dwayne and Denise. Having such an awesome extended family is a good thing. Another memory I have of Aunt Sandy is when she married David (he is a great guy-I love his view on politics. He is a smart guy.). I was in my early teens I think. It was in her back yard and she wanted me to be the one to cue the music as she was walking down the aisle. The song was Bryan Adams-Everything I do (I do it for you...), from the Robin Hood movie. I felt so important that she choose me to do it. :) It was so awesome to see you guys and make more memories! I love you!! Hopefully we will get to see my cousin Denise and her growing family (it grew by one new baby girl while we were there), next time we are up!
We went to the dam while we were there and played on the rapids. Jake named one "the soda pop" when he was little, because the bubbles at the end look like soda. We kayaked down and brought a picnic. It was a good day.

I took one shower in Camp the whole week. We swam so much that we just grabbed the soap and scrubbed up! This is me taking my bath for the day. Look my face was kind of tan"ish"!
Jumping in for the 1,000,000,000th time! We totally kept track...All the wood and things on the dock are the treasures we dug up from the bottom.
The traditional towel pose.
This is my view while laying on the dock trying to tan the back of my legs. :) There are a few more shots I took while trying to lay there (my flip flops, the goldfish we were munching on...etc..but just I choose the best one), I have a hard time just laying there so I experimented with my camera....Love the freckles.
Tubing-that's me and Jake on there...I think...We both went and then he went by himself.
Almost time to go-just a couple of days left. Time for a photo op. Jake in his VT t-shirt...
Some of my Favorite People Live in Vermont Part 4: The Smith's:Uncle Dave, Aunt Robin, Big Jake, and Dylan...Last day at Camp and we went to church with out even leaving. I didn't get the camera out so I don't have a picture of Uncle Dave, but I have some words about him. He stopped by the Sunday before we left and we talked. While we talked we laughed, cried, and shared spiritual feelings. It was awesome. That is Uncle Dave in a nut shell. We talked politics: he is a Conservative. It is so much easier to talk politics with someone who is on the same side of the issue as you-or should I say the correct side. :) We talked about spiritual events in our lives that changed who we are as people. Jake listened. After Uncle Dave left Jake said "Uncle Dave is a Mormon." I told him although he believes a lot of what we believe but, he isn't a Mormon. To this Jake said "No I mean he gets it. Some people say they are spiritual but he really gets it Mommy." To which I agree 100%. Thanks for the visit Uncle Dave. We missed my Aunt Robin (she was headed out of town for a trip with her girl friends) but every time we head to Vermont I bring a purse I am willing to trade because I know Robin will have one ready too. :) We share a love for bags and it is a tradition I love. I love Robin too. I remember meeting her for the first time. She came with Uncle Dave to deliver me a b-day gift. It was the coolest shirt ever. Black with a purple design. It was made from that fabric that is supposed to be wrinkley (what is it called?) and it had beads on thread that hung from the corners of the V-neck. It was my favorite-my hippie shirt. Weird the things you remember...I remember thinking how I should probably be just like her when I grew up. I miss you!!! Big Jake is one of my awesome cousins. He was dubbed this after my Jake was born of course and he is probably as cool as my Jake too. He snowboards. Enough said. Little Jake thinks he is pretty cool. Dylan-the baby of the cousins on the Smith side. He is a fisherman (not by trade just for the love of it) and Grampa Smith says if Dylan stands on the dock and throws out a line with an empty hook he would probably pull out a fish. Again, this makes him one of the coolest guy ever to Little Jake. Not to mention Jake caught his first 5 fish with Dylan. Jake even brought up the lucky "bobber" that Dylan gave him last time we were there and he caught another fist with it. :) We missed seeing you guys-we are coming next year so be ready to be idolized by my Jake. :)

I could go on and on, but lets face it, it is the end of October-it is time to finish. We love Vermont and all the memories we have made (over my whole life time) there. Thanks again Grampa Smith for making those memories possible over 50 years ago, by building our Camp on the lake. :)