Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where exactly are the days going?

Seriously???? Another week has flown by! It was a good week. Productive. I am happy to report that the huge pile of stuff in the corner of our bedroom is gone and our pockets are $97.50 (including the $2.50 Jake made at his popcorn and kool aid stand...I actually made $1.oo of that when he gave up and went inside to watch cartoons.) fuller (that may be an exaggeration. Less empty may be a better way to put it...). Not bad for a last minute yard sale that I put the signs up for last night at around 6:45 and my goal was only $50. We loaded up the car and brought the rest of it (minus Jake's clothes that are going to cousins) to Goodwill. Clutter be gone!!!....Now to tackle the laundry and all the other stuff...But the rest of the house (including Jake's room that we fully organized on Monday) are still clean and tidy. That has got to be a record, 6 days (make that 7. It is Sunday night now) straight. The living room looked like a tornado went through earlier while setting up for the yard sale, but it is back to tidy and clean. Thanks to Jake's help. He is really starting to get that if he helps we can spend time together while cleaning (we were pretending to be Batman and Robin while cleaning. I am trying to reclaim my title as coolest mom. Tiffany stole it from me with an awesome Harry Potter party on Friday night that Jake was lucky enough to be invited to. Check out the pictures on her blog "The Little Larson's" on my blog list) and even more time after. He used to know this, but seemed to forget for a little while...I probably shouldn't even be saying this it might jinx it. Usually I get the "okkkkk" sigh and eye roll. We have an attitude jar that seems to be helping. :)
I of course had to take some pictures of our last minute, thrown together yard sale...but our rechargeable batteries are no longer recharging so I can't get the pictures off my camera. I have been trying to charge them off and on all day...So, I am going to post this now and add the pictures later. I have to stay caught up!!!